Dec 16, 2008

I Got Snookered

Last month I received a phone call from the alumni office of my alma mater. A pleasant sounding woman asked if I would contribute the same amount I gave last year. I asked how much that was, and she replied $25.00. I said OK, and hung up. It occurred to me that I got snookered. Although they have been writing and calling twice a year for 40 years, I didn't recall ever making a contribution. On the contrary, it often occurred to me that they should give me a refund, or at least not admit I graduated. Having said I would donate, I sent off a check. Now I know I got snookered. Since that time I have received two phone calls and three letters. I am now an member of their esteemed philanthropy society, and started receiving the designed special newsletter. I think they finally taught me something, why people donate anonymously.


Anonymous said...

MM -

At least you didn't make a contribution to the "Friends of Ed Pawlowski".

Bernie O'Hare said...

Most of the institutions of higher learning that I've attended pay me an annual stipend to refrain from mentioning them.

Chris Casey said...

I made the mistake of paying for a one year membership at the Lehigh Valley Heritage museum, so I could research Fair View Cemetry residents more thoroughly. In 5 weeks I have received 3 letters asking for MORE money, besides the $35 membership fee. It is really annoying