Jan 10, 2008

Who will Watch the Inspector

The departure of Mr. Banuelos, because of the revelation of his own code violations, illustrates on what shaky authority Community and Economic Development will begin inspecting private houses for sale next month. Perhaps it would be more appropriate for Allentown to concentrate on providing homeowners clean, safe streets. Perhaps it would be better for the city to not expand its menu of operations until which time a proven chain of command has been established. A realtor who endorsed the ordinance stated he liked having his liability lessened by the city inspection; will debt ridden Allentown have to be liable for any inspection oversights? Should an exiting City Council, have passed an ordinance which will sooner or later effect every homeowners rights and wallet, with such little deliberation during the last meeting of the year?


Dottie said...

This story made the front page today. I can't believe the salary, 80K!
I wonder if that position for "podium placement person" is still available?

Also, I hope Mr. Damien reads the police report today. There have been a rash of west end robberies, some at knifepoint and some with baseball bats. One was on N. 18th St. I'm afraid to go to the grocery store today.

Mrs. Dottie

Scott Armstrong said...


I have always advocated for an inspection upon sale of homes bill, however in light of the current city hall chaos and the appointment of the unqualified Hilltown resident to lead the effort I now have serious doubts. Can this program work in the environment of ineptitude that is Allentown’s city government? I’m afraid not.
I think this bill and the mayor’s pay raise need to be taken to the voters in the form of a referendum. This I would support.

Scott Armstrong