Nov 18, 2007

Fly In The Soup

If I saw a shrink for my frustration about Allentown, I would have to be in therapy all day. If I took sedatives, I wouldn't be able to stand up, instead I run for office and blog. Pawlowski announced his plan to restore the city on Friday; continuously inspect every inanimate object in Allentown. This professional advise came from a former Philadelphia housing guru, of course a fly in the soup is that Philadelphia is the corruption and murder capital of the world. Allentown's Rental Inspection Law failed to upgrade the city; while you end up legitimizing slumlords with certificates of occupation, you cannot legislate pride of ownership. Many local conscientious owners sold out rather than submit to the bureaucracy, increasing the frequency of inspections will again backfire. Although Pawlowski (and Cunningham) campaigned about their grand plans and communication skills, neither even knew the Allentown School System was going to demand reassessment; It's time for the taxpayers and citizens to reassess who they elected.

UPDATE: The current Rental Inspection Law, started in 1998, calls for an inspection every 5 years. This administration(and Pawlowski was in charge in the last one) has yet to inspect every rental in the city since the program started(over 20,000). The new plan calls for inspection once a year, do the math, we would need more inspectors than we have police officers. How do you spell much bigger city hall and taxes.

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