Sep 8, 2017

Your Trusted News Source

I couldn't help but to shake my head at the paper's promotion, selling cups and shirts so that we may celebrate our First Amendment rights with our trusted source for real news, The Morning Call.

This is the same paper that never questioned why it was the only parcel on the north side of Linden Street included in the NIZ.  This is the same paper which promoted each new building by J.B. Reilly as if it were some actual revitalization,  instead of an overly generous taxpayer funded, privately owned incentive program.  Reilly now even owns the newspaper building itself.  Now,  rather than an honest reckoning,  we get offered cups and shirts from the FREE SPEECH COLLECTION.

Recently, I posted about how my op-ed on Wehr's Dam was rejected, along with op-eds by other informed readers.

Those seeking free speech and/or real news will have to look further than The Morning Call.


Ray Nemeth Sr said...

Yes wouldn't be great to get a real objective newspaper in the LV, something that is independent, not part of the giant national media. There was a time when the morning call was owned locally, had competition from the globe times and other local papers.

Fire the incompetants said...

Expertly said. I saw the add and almost threw up. The MC has been an alt-left paper since the Tribune & Co. took over. The very conservative Miller's must be rolling over in their graves.

ironpigpen said...

Wow, that is some serious propaganda for sale! A rather widely known if extremely infamous guy once said that people generally have a much easier time swallowing giant lies as compared to smaller ones. Obviously, The Morning Call now believes in that very same philosophy, too.

Good for them. Maybe the great Bill White and the glorious J. B. Reilly will celebrate by hanging out in an NIZ establishment at Happy Hour again. Maybe I can get accused of trying to kill Mr. White again --- that sort of stuff always boosts Bernie's blog traffic significantly.

Speaking of boosting stuff, maybe, in order to help draw people to downtown Allentown and thereby stimulate the local businesses located in the Potemkin Village, um, er, ah, NIZ, the great White and the glorious Reilly could do a promotional event and autograph t-shirts from the Free Speech Collection. I suggest that Roar be re-opened and the t-shirt autographing event be held there. If that location is not feasible, then perhaps Johnny Manana's would be more doable.


Jamie Kelton said...

8:07 Ditto

doug_b said...

New Speak. George Orwell coined the term.

sheo592 said...

For years,we have noted that the Morning Call has systematically and systemically refused to publish news and/or editorial opinions that differ from the political and economic realities that shape the status quo in Allentown. Freedom of the press is only important if our ideas are freely disseminated by those controlling access to information.

JoshLCowen said...

Add their 'partnerships' with the Iron Pigs and Phantoms as an example of bad business judgement...for a journalistic enterprise, that is. Newspapers should never 'partner' with institutions they must cover. Buying an ad on a billboard is one thing but partnerships are not sound, especially since both teams exist only through the generosity (not that we voted on the giveaways) of the taxpayers.

george schaller said...

all though you have an agenda and designs as to why you do what you do you are a real news worthy sorce too! The public is the only ones telling it like it is with out the fluff and puff stuff in local edited out news media outlets1

Iman Trek said...

What's gonna be there follow up??? An Equal Opportunity Employer Poster with their non-existent black reporting staff???

Now there fight is DACA???? Please Mr Pork!!!