Sep 13, 2017

Depot At Overlook Park

Old timers have noticed that the contractor's building on Hanover Avenue transformed into a community center for Overlook Park.  But only the oldest, or train buffs, realized that the building was the freight depot and office for the Lehigh & New England Railroad.  Lehigh & New England was formed in 1895, primarily as a coal carrier.  The line ran from Allentown to Maybrook, New York.

In 1904 it was acquired by the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company.  The line ceased operation in 1961.  Among it's infrastructure were impressive bridges across both the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers, both of which were dismantled. Ironic that a remnant  of our industrial era is being utilized by the successor of a public housing project.

reprinted from February of 2014

1 comment:

Jeffrey Anthony said...

I've always admired it as a really handsome piece of architecture.

It's a shame that there is nothing economically productive going on within its walls any longer.