Aug 11, 2017

Simmons Is Better Than This

I support the 2nd Amendment and own a gun. That said, I do not belong to the NRA;  I cannot  respect a group which tells its members for whom to vote.

I was disappointed to see Justin Simmons pander to gun owners with a concealed carry seminar.  Here again,  I'm not against the right to carry, just against politicians who play on it, one way or another,  These seminars are straight from Julie Harhart's old playbook, who was a Representative for eleven terms.  I could accept Simmons reneging on his term limit pledge, but he should be above  parlor tricks like this seminar.


Scott Armstrong said...

Mike, I don't own a gun, never did, that said, I support the right of people to own a gun or as many as they want. I also support the NRA and it's activities to support the second amendment and fight against the perhaps well intended efforts to limit our second amendments right. The NRA just as most other such organizations make recommendations and give endorsements for elective office. That is also their right. No member of the NRA is forced to follow through on these endorsements.
That said, I don't have a problem with Rep. Simmons on this matter. Why should I?

Scott Armstrong said...

By the way Mike,
Simmons did not "renege" on his pledge, he was asked by many of us to stay on in Harrisburg as he is one of a very few representatives out there with any integrity. He was reticent to do so at the time but was convinced by many of us that there were larger issues at stake. Clearly that is the case. To this day, Justin has remained un-corrupted and has refused to become part of the problem. Doing the right thing isn't easy in such a environment and he feels it every day. My hat is off to him. He is one of the few people who understand what it means to be a "public servant".