Jul 24, 2017

The Left's Dilemma

My liberal and Democratic friends are still foaming at the mouth about Trump, six months after the inauguration.  While world leaders like France's Macron have come to terms with our election,  half the voters here have not.  Of course what Macron realizes is that the world is potentially a dangerous place, and what North Korea is up to is much more important than who is Trump's press secretary.  It's even much more important than who Donald Jr. met with before the election.

Unfortunately, the ratings driven media would rather profit than inform.  Thus, cable news is still reporting on SNL sketches, rather than threats to our security.  In their mind Trump and his administration is both the enemy and their bread and butter.

I suppose what really astonishes me is the superficiality of this obsession.  Trump has become the news, instead of current events.   While I'll concede that Obama was cool, and Trump is not,  what does that have to do with our economy or security?


Scott Armstrong said...


I posted my Facebook page a very similar thought yesterday. It is a question for Democrats.

Would not America be better served by an honest media that held both sides to account consistently?Should not the philosophies, policy proposals, and arguments of both sides, fought out in the arena of ideas decide which side prevails at the polls? Should not this discourse be reported by an objective and honest media? Can you answer these questions in the affirmative?Or will you try to claim the media is balanced?

The truth is no thinking person believes the media is objective. Even the media itself admits to be being partisans for the Democratic Party.Now, ask yourself this question; is having a partisan media really good for America?

If you say yes, you are not a believer in democracy, you are instead tilting towards totalitarianism. Will you also deny that?

LVCI said...

"Trump has become the news, instead of current events."

It depends where you go for news. There are 1,000.s of alternatives to the five so-called cable news channels. Even their own cable news websites don't dwell on politics unlike their narrow minded TV producers in the other part of the building..

It should be understood each of the TV Cable News channels reflects real people about as much as those phonies on so-called reality shows. If that's all someone (Donald Trump included) is going to watch that's all their gonna get. Of course if Trump would stop watching then tweeting it wouldn't hurt either. By doing so he makes himself part of the drama.

Both Trump and all the news stars work in New York and Washington DC. Each encased and mostly isolated from the 300 million others who do not. The highest rated TV news shows at tops pulls in 3.5 million viewers (5 million less then the population of New York City). Which means over 300 million living in the 3.8 million other square miles of the U.S. are hardly represented.

Therefore I hardly think it can be said most are ... "still foaming at the mouth" based on less then 1% of the folks who make a handsome living off this drama both politicians and TV bullshitters alike.

ironpigpen said...

I noticed on Ce Ce Gerlach's Facebook Page how a mere suggestion that Ray O'Connell might have actually voted for the evil villain Trump is more than enough to dissuade some people from participating in a potential write-in campaign for Mayor.

Gotta love Obama's Post-modern Democrat Party sometimes!


doug_b said...

My theory is the left really has hatred / disdain for people on the right. When they were in power (Obama), they kept this hatred under wraps. But now, when a more conservative government has been elected - that hatred comes out. Additionally they are very fearful, they believe we hate them as much as they hate us. I don't believe conservatives wish them any ill-will.

Hillary damaged the 'regular' liberal Democratic Party. She attempted to build a coalition of people with an ax to grind about every fringe issue one can imagine, many not legitimate. One of the worst is this Trans deal where boys can shower with girls. Yeah, the right of one trans boy, is above the rights of 30 girls privacy. She used Cultural Marxism, but it backfired. However her campaign drove the Democratic Party into leftism.

Don't believe for a second that only 'cable news' is skewed. Just look at the NYT or Washington Post, even network news is extremely biased.

The threat from the media is real.

Jamie Kelton said...

Obama is yesterday's news. His life is one of self-promotion, having the arrogance of writing not one, but two self-penned (he states) autobiographies of himself before even being elected President. I expect nothing less than a three or four volume encyclopedic edition of himself shortly glorifying his eight years in the Oval Office.

Obama and Hillary Clinton's true accomplishment? Hundreds of congressional and senate races lost. A Democratic party is shambles with a former communist as its titular leader. It's primary ajenda today is not to improve the lives of the American People, it's the character assassination of the man who defeated the matriarch of the party, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, who planned her coronation as President of the United States, and the "breaking of the ultimate glass ceiling" last November.

Unfortunately, the people of the United States didn't believe that and instead elected a knuckle dragging misogynist who grabs women's private parts and is very much the New Yorker that many people can't stand, bold, arrogant and blunt.

President Donald J. Trump.

As long as Democrats keep their baggage in tow with Obama and Hillary, they're doomed to the dustbin of history. The country has moved on. They're moving in retrograde.

Jamie Kelton said...

My question is when in recent history has the media really ever been honest? In my memories since I was a pre-schooler, we've had the media basically glorifying the Democrats and criticizing the Republicans. The media never really liked President Reagan, they gushed over Bill Clinton and ignored most of the Clinton Scandals until Kenn Starr shoved it into the news and the Republican Congress pushed him into the Senate on charges of Impeachment for perjury. Then it was all washed away "It's just sex" was the phrase I recall.

Then we all know that George Bush stole the election from Al Gore, and with the exception for a six-month period after 9/11, never stopped criticizing "Dubyah" and we all heard about Camp Casey, you know that ditch that what's her name lived in outside of Bush's ranch.. that he was a national mistake.. and unending criticism until Obama came into office. Jeeze give me a fucking break...

Now all we get is Russia Russia Russia 24/7 from nearly every media outlet Russia now, Russia Tonight, Russia tomorrow. Jesus fucking Christ. Is that all they care about is fucking Russia ?

Yeah, tell me when the news was really fair to Republicans. I'll ask my dad and I'm sure he can tell you about what the did to Nixon.

Jamie Kelton said...

If O'Connell actually voted for Trump then there is some intelligence in there somewhere under all that Democrat we see on City Council.

george schaller said...

MM, in your article you have made a statement as to those still rolling on the floor and foaming as being of shallow substance and little depth? This is verified by the edited out local news media to as the manna is still falling as the implosion is about to take place!

doug_b said...

Another example of the vitriol on the left - This is a college professor, on McCain's cancer:

Graubart then made an analogy about elite lives and ordinary lives and circled back to McCain.

“McCain is a war criminal and, more to the point, someone who as a politician has championed horrifying actions and been lousy on state commitment to public health," the professor said. "So dying or not, he's a risible public figure (I have no idea what he is like on the personal level and don't care).”

There's something wrong with these people. Especially when they don't get their way.

TRENT HALL said...

Rational people think there is something very sick about dragging a dying man, who receives free medical care for life, across the country to just to vote in order for some to get their way to deny medical care to 22 million people.
One would think McCain would rather have his final legacy recalled for standing up for the 400K people in Az. about to be thrown under the bus (not to mention the millions of other Americans)rather than have it sullied and remembered that his final gesture was as a suck up to Party. He received tremendous good will & prayers from all
sectors of society this past week...sad to see him squander it away for a vote for a sh-t piece of legislation that will forever tarnish his memory.

ironpigpen said...

"But we have to pass the bill so we can find out what's in it," said former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor," said President Barack Hussein Obama.

On the subject of sh-t pieces of legislation that will forever tarnish memories ...

LVCI said...

"No one will lose health coverage under my plan"
Donald J, Trump (2016)

"Nno one will lose health coverage after Obamacare repeal"
Kellyann Conway (January 2017)

ironpigpen said...

So Trump lies every bit as much as Obama. Yawn. Fact is, many of us were not kidding prior to the Presidential election when we said, "Anybody but crooked and corrupt Hillary Rodham Clinton." Fact is, Trump has already shown many of us he is so much more preferable than his predecessor if only because Trump, unlike his predecessor, doesn't go around the world trash-talking the United States every chance he gets.

Plus, Trump's wife doesn't run around all day long telling everybody what they can and can not eat. To summarize, many of us are quite satisfied with the new Administration if only for those two very things alone. Personally, I just don't spend anywhere near the amount of time freaking out about health care as every one else apparently is so wont to do. Perhaps it is because I know I have to die of something sooner or later, anyway, so why get so bent out of shape every five minutes?

I must say, watching Democrats and their beloved Lame Stream Media flip out day after day after day after day is developing into quite the spectator sport so please allow me to offer my since thanks to all who make that happen!



TRENT HALL said...

Adults certainly have the right to deny themselves medical care and even, as far as I'm concerned, to choose to die if the prognosis is terminal and "treatment" portends only a horrible quality of life resulting in death, alone, in a hospital.

However, rational people are not so cavalier when their children or parents are involved, and life saving treatment is effective, but, access is prohibited because they can't afford it. Under ALL the bills proposed and that could garner Republican support, the "fight" among them is simply over the length of time it takes before people are thrown under the bus. All the proposals wait until after the 2018 election to start the phase out of Mediciad in order to assist their re-election, but end dates are fixed.

That is the issue...not lies told by politicians of every stripe....but the elimination of life saving care/treatment for people already receiving it or who will need it. A Conservative can certainly argue that this is simply Darwinian economic justice and that if one can't afford it, that simply reflects that life isn't fair and it is not the proper role of legislators to guarantee people affordable access to health care. I think rational people feel, like the rest of the industrial nations, that ensuring a healthy populace is essential to national security and the nation's well being, and that providing mechanisms to achieve that are worthwhile.