Jul 3, 2017

As Allentown Turns


 The presses were down overnight, but we expect to be back to normal publishing hours by July 4th; Then again, Cedar Park Pool was suppose to be open by now. Otherwise, here at molovinsky on allentown, the staff remains intrigued by the race for mayor.

Although, write-in votes are normally a tremendous hill to climb, Ray could easily create an effective machine election day. A write-in no longer has to have his name spelled out correctly. Any version that conveys the voter's intent suffices. The voters would only need to type in RAY. He already has enough support to man all the polling stations. If he can be competitive with campaign funds remains to be seen. It will be an interesting race.


Scott Armstrong said...


You have become a dreamer in your old age. Allentown is not a place where dreams such as a Ray write in can ever come true. Dismiss my realism as partisan if you please but that does not change the truth. Ray doing a write in will wind up embarrassing those proposing it and re-electing Ed.
Sorry, I still go by facts, that what works.

michael molovinsky said...

scott, i will not dismiss your view as partisan, but understand that this blog is non-partisan. although, i have personally endorsed hyman for mayor, i will publish my commentaries as i perceive the situation, without regard to influencing voters toward any one candidate or another.

Robert Trotner said...

Good column, Michael! I appreciate your view on this. I'm cautiously optimistic at this point.

Scott Armstrong said...

I must have received the following letter by mistake so i am forwarding it to you.

Office of the mayor of Allentown

Dear Ce-Ce, Mike, and Robert,

I wanted to take time away from my busy schedule as mayor to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. After the primary I was very concerned about my chances to be re-elected in the fall, but your efforts to mount a 3rd party write-in campaign for my good friend Ray is just the shot in the arm my campaign needs to guarantee success again in November. I couldn't do it without your support.

Together we can keep Allentown Moving Forward.

Your truly,

Mayor Ed Pawlowski

Dave said...

Now, before we put Ray O'Connell up on a pedestal as the savior of Allentown, it's important to remember Ray O'Connell has been marching in lockstep with Ed since 2010 on City Council. Everything Ed wanted to do, Ray has gone along with.

What type of a "change" is that?

Ray O'Connell ran into the tall weeds, along with every other Democrat (there are no Republicans) in city Hall when the FBI came calling in the summer of 2005. To every Democrat in City Hall, Ed is the devil incarnate.. One has to wonder though, did everything Ed is suspected of doing he do in a vacuum jar? There is a lot of culpability in City Hall besides Ed.

What did O'Connell know and when did he know it is a fair question.

The "Sore Loser" law prevents Ray O'Connell from running on the official ballot as an independent candidate for Mayor. He finished third in the Democratic Primary behind Ed and Bennett in May. Third place. He did't have the votes to defeat Ed in a free and fair election in which he was on the ballot.

How can he now justify he can beat Ed in the general election if he was rejected by the Democrats in the primary. His running as a write-in candidate may not technically violate the "Sore Loser" law, but it definitely does violate the spirit of the law, as it was written to prevent the undermining of a primary election by a "Sore Loser".

Do you really want a "Sore Loser" as Mayor who can't accept the reslts of an election he lost ?

Dave said...

Summer of 2015. Sorry I can't edit misspelllings :)

michael molovinsky said...

dave@3:28, ray actually came in a strong 2nd place. thiel was third, and bennett was fourth.