May 8, 2017

Frustration About Pam Geller Outside The Fearless

Unlike some bloggers who fashion themselves as reporters, I provide no contact information for tips or news.  I promote myself only as a guardian of local history, and as an informed commentator on issues of local  consequence.  Never the less, there are people who occasionally call me to vent about one topic or another. Among them is Iman Trek, a videographer and aspiring documentarian, concerned with black equality, among other issues. He was disturbed because I referenced Pamela Geller back in March; He considers her a bigot against Muslims. In the course of the conversation he mentioned that he planned to attend her upcoming event at the Fearless Fire House, and hopefully interview her.  As a disclosure, I told him that I also planned on attending.

Meanwhile, despite managing a blog, I do not do well with information technology; No online banking for me. I made a call to see if I could get a ticket set aside for me at the door, which of course I would gladly pay for. I was told absolutely not, there would be no exceptions to the ticket procurement procedure, specified by Geller's security concerns.  After purchasing the ticket online through Eventbrite,  I received emails reminding me to bring both my printed out ticket and picture ID.

Among other things, Geller is an advocate for freedom of speech; Even the freedom to speak against specific religious sub-groups,  no matter how politically incorrect that may be. Geller's agenda is not my topic here,  you must do your own research for information on her platforms.  Suffice to say she is not popular with some Muslims.

Meanwhile, when Iman Trek arrived at the Fearless Fire House, after walking there from center city,  he was denied entry, because he had not previously procured a ticket through the mandated procedure. He was not a happy camper; I heard about it in a subsequent phone call.  Understand, that from Iman's viewpoint, he walked an hour and a half to a public event, to be denied entry into someplace that seemed almost like an all white Klan House to him.

I don't think that Geller's freedom of speech also automatically gives Trek a freedom of access to listen.  If he had procured a ticket through the specified process, his entry would not have been an issue. Now, if she would have accommodated an antagonistic interview, that's another matter.


Dave said...

There is a reason for Ms Geller's security. It seems that many people that speak out against Islam wind up dead.

I don't know if this gentleman ws aware of the procedure necessary to attend Ms Geller's appearance. The rules are the rules and if he did not follow them all he needs to do is look in the mirror for the reason.

Scott Armstrong said...

Why didn't he drive there or take a bus?

Steven Ramos said...

My experience: I bought a ticket online, had my ticket on my phone and showed it at the registration desk. They asked if I was carrying a pistol, I said yes, they gave me a sticker to identify that I was carrying. Nothing more was said or done about my pistol. I mingled, got some coffee, and listened. It was a very welcoming atmosphere, spoke to several people I had never met before. No one shied away due to my full beard. If your wondering: Current look

Had Imantrek bought a ticket online he would have been fine getting into the event. The minimal precautions taken by Pam Geller and LVTP are acceptable when you have people willing to kill you for words. The lecture had a lot of serious points, some humor, some sadness, but nothing bigoted. Pam Geller and LVTP demonstrated their firm commitment to our natural rights. I've heard not even the NRA allows carrying at their events.

Scott Armstrong said...

Just to vouch for Steven, he sport a Jihad now. Part of his rebel nature perhaps.

Scott Armstrong said...

Did anyone offer to give him a ride home?