Apr 26, 2017

South Whitehall's Pasteurized Democracy

Recently, the Morning Call printed a letter praising the character of one of the candidates for South Whitehall Commissioner. Now, this is the same newspaper which refuses to print my letters about the township's conspiracy against its voters concerning Wehr's Dam. Although, the residents voted to repair and keep the dam, the township is allowing the Wildlands Conservancy to back-channel with the state, to condemn the structure. While my letter is news in every sense of the word, the candidate endorsement was just puff nonsense; The commissioner election in South Whitehall is only a dummy. There are no more candidates running than available openings. Like the sign pictured above, it is just an allusion of democracy, in an uncontested election.

My readers may be starting to wonder what's with me and this Wehr's Dam conspiracy, post after post?  There has always been sacred cows like the Wildlands Conservancy. However, in the past the newspapers would have an offbeat columnist, like Paul Carpenter, to write about the "irregularities" in the community. After that era, the paper would at least allow a citizen like myself to speak out. We now have entered the pasteurized zone, where no dissent is permitted.


Dave said...

It's interesting that you chose to put Ms. Morgan's campaign sign as the illustration for this essay. She has stated "It is fiscally and environmentally prudent to support the removal of the dam"

I suppose the question needs to be asked is "What if nothing is done to the dam?"

I suppose a million dollars of tax money will be saved

I also suppose that they'll just find something else to spend the million dollars on. Governments don't feel that they're serving the people unless they spend money on things. Besides, that's what the commissioners campaign on. What they've done to serve the people.

Needed or not.

michael molovinsky said...

dave@6:29, i chose her sign because it was the only one that i saw in this uncontested election. however, you are correct in that every word and gesture from her was to accommodate the Wildlands Conservancy, instead of the residents of south whitehall. however, she's no more disingenuous than her current fellow commissioners.