Apr 18, 2017

Pawlowski's Pitch

Our campaign has been working hard and now we're getting ready to really ramp things up for the Primary Election Campaign.
As a fun and exciting way to kick off the fall campaign, we're planning Pawlowski for Mayor House Parties across Allentown and we need your help.
Can you help us by hosting a house party?
As a host, we'll ask you to invite your friends and neighbors to come over to your house to spend a fun evening hearing about the great things happening in Allentown and have an opportunity to ask questions directly to the mayor.
A victory in the Primary is an important step toward Reelection. I need your help to finish the job of moving our city forward. Please help us by hosting a house party and getting your friends and neighbors involved in our campaign.
Also if you have friends who might want to host their own house party, please forward this email and ask them to sign up as a host. 
Thank you for all of your hard work and support.
Sincerely, Mayor Ed Pawlowski

Pawlowski has been pitching small Hispanic gatherings at house parties, complete with a power point presentation on how Allentown has been revitalizing under his leadership. With the crowded field, he probably only needs about 1700 votes. However, his strategy is no secret to his opponents, who are endeavoring to match that number. Consequently, this highly contested primary may actually result in a high turnout.

sourced from facebook

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