Apr 4, 2017

Mr. Molovinsky, That's Being Very Insensitive

Recently, I got a call from a valued reader saying I was being culturally rude in a post.  He was alarmed because I was quoting someone  he considers biased against a certain group.  He asked me several times how I would feel if someone was making a comment that I considered anti-semitic.  Although, I was glad to discuss the issue with him,  he overestimates my sensitivity.

Here in the blogosphere, anonymous is the comment name of choice.  Most people aren't willing to own their own words, even when they're being politically correct.  However,  anonymous said allows them to really let loose.  Some bloggers allow anonymous, but then reprimand their commenters when they insult someone.  Here at molovinsky, I allow registered pseudonyms.

Now, there is nothing wrong with people who have manners, but chances are they will not become bloggers.


doug_b said...

"I was quoting someone he considers biased against a certain group"

Everyone has a bias. What has happened is that the left has worked to sensitize minorities, in an attempt to control them and get their support (votes). The left has really worked to find new minorities (such a transgender) and exaggerate a problem against them.

Then the minority rights (even when they are 0.01% of the population) are more important than the rights of the rest of us. This may actually create more of a bias.

As a white male, do you think we really care about biases against us? No, We go to work and pay a boat load of taxes.

doug_b said...

To add to this discussion - Mpls Star & Tribune (aka Red Star):


House Minority Leader Melissa Hortman, of Brooklyn Park, is so far refusing to apologize for saying, “I hate to break up the 100 percent white male card game in the retiring room, but I think this is an important debate.”

Jeffrey Anthony said...

Well said, Mr. doug_b.

As you say, "We go to work and pay a boat load of taxes." And the Democratic Party Kommissars have perfected the rhetorical card trick of convincing the weak-minded left that the fruits of our labors are ill-gotten gains.