Apr 12, 2017

Fake Indignation By South Whitehall Commissioners

In June of 2014,  South Whitehall Commissioners approved the removal of Wehr's Dam by The Wildlands Conservancy.  As this press article from the time clearly shows,  the subsequent study of the dam was only directed at it's removal.

The Wildlands Conservancy designed South Whitehall's Park Master Plan, which calls for the dam's removal.

The Wildlands Conservancy is in charge of the Jordan Greenway Project in South Whitehall's Covered Bridge Park.

South Whitehall allowed the Wildlands Conservancy to send reports to Harrisburg, claiming that the dam is in poor condition.

Since residents voted to preserve the dam last November,  South Whitehall has not modified its MasterPlan calling for the dam's demolition.

South Whitehall has not advocated for the dam, or corrected misinformation forwarded to the state DEP by the Wildlands Conservancy.

Last Wednesday, when I told the commissioners that they were cooperating with the Wildlands Conservancy to subvert the intent of the voters referendum,  they took great offense.

photocredit: ytreephotography.com


Jeffrey Anthony said...

I don't live in South Whitehall, but I grew up there, and my Mom and Dad still live there.

If you do a letter writing campaign or petition, I'll be sure they participate...

Dave said...

Apparentket, the voters be damned; we have our plan and we're sticking to it ?