Mar 15, 2017

Pawlowski's Manna From Heaven

The good Lord helped out Moses with manna from heaven when the Israelites were in the desert.  He has likewise helped out Pawlowski with a snowstorm before the primary election. The snow ended with about 14", below what was predicted.  Rest assure that snow removal will be beyond Allentown's usual level of performance.  Rest assure that in the coming weeks Pawlowski will applaud and pat himself on the back for that accomplishment.  Even expect a few photos of him in a snowplow.  Mayor for Life on the job.

photo by Stephanie Sigafoos/The Morning Call


Dave said...

Ed, who comes from Chicago, knows the importance of clearing the streets after a major snowstorm hits. Ask Michael. Bilandic and Jane Byrne. Both one-term mayors because they forgot the cardinal rule of Richard Dayley (Sr.). Clear the streets as fast as possible. He ruled for five terms and his son did the same.

Saw a photo of Ed on facebook yesterday of him in a plow. Snowstorms mean votes and votes win elections. The sounds you hear from the Morning Call and the other Democratic hopefuls are the sounds of sour grapes.

Scott Armstrong said...


Sadly Ed didn't need a snowstorm to win the primary but I'm sure he welcomed it as icing on the cake. Ed is still popular with enough Allentown voters to win. That fact in itself demonstrates clearly who is to blame for the city's problems. The voters!

michael molovinsky said...

scott@9:14, i agree, and as a political blogger it's really disheartening. although, not politically correct to say, i see our sizable minority population responding positively to the trinkets pawlowski is handing out.

Scott Armstrong said...


What Ed is doing is standard operating procedure for big city Democratic mayors. Conversely, Republicans are guilty of totally ignoring these same populations in spite of the efforts/pleas of many urban Republicans for assistance. But let's not kid ourselves, there are plenty of well heeled Democrats in the city who think Ed is doing a fine job. They don't care about the corruption stuff, it doesn't bother them a bit. They also foolishly think that the NIZ is Ed's work and are apparently ignorant of the real deterioration of our neighborhoods and the brain drain at city hall. I've met them countless times and it is impossible to have a rational discussion about what is really happening. Sure you have as well.

Scott Armstrong said...

By the way, from what I am hearing from people who have been forced to venture out is that the roads are a mess.

Jamie Kelton said...

We live in Upper Perk and drove over to Quakertown without too much trouble this morning. Trump winning has pushed most Democrats off the cliff to the point that some that I knew don't even call me any longer. That bothered me at first, but now I don't even worry about it.

ironpigpen said...

Mr. Molovinsky,

Readers are now allowed to indirectly call other readers "stooges"?

Sincerely just asking,