Feb 7, 2017

Low Information Blacks and Whites

Among the things I find interesting about this post election result, is the classism and hypocrisy of the liberal Democratic establishment. Although, I'm non-partisan and voted for Gary Johnson, I interact with both camps. The shocked Democrats keep referring to low information rednecks, who voted for Trump. However, they had no problem with black voters, some of whom were low information.  Obama and Hillary themselves tried to rally the black vote, not with information, but with free concerts.  An uninformed black vote is apparently more legitimate than one from an uninformed white person.  Perhaps, what they're thinking, but not saying, is that they expect the black voter to be less informed.  Another Democratic concern for blacks is alleged voter repression in the south.  Registering them is enough;  If they vote Democratic, there is little concern about how informed they are on the issues.  Of course those whites, who do not vote Democratic,  are uninformed rednecks.


ironpigpen said...

You forgot the word, "racist". It is supposed to be, "uninformed racist redneck". The Lame Stream Media works so hard to educate you and would appreciate it if you would take the time to get the facts presented straight.

doug_b said...

Unfortunately, from my experience I would have to say most of the US is low information. Before the election, I tried to engage some younger people about Obama and Hillary. I asked what does 'Hope and Change' mean - no one could tell me. Then I asked what Hillary was going to do - about all I got was 'free college'. I explained the concept of 'free to you' (someone has to pay). Additionally I said that they are going to have to pay off the National Debt of $20 trillion - since I'm 67 and they will be around a lot longer than me. They don't care, nothing seems to register.

The Democrats have tried to make a political party out of angry fringe groups, and people who want endless entitlements. For the Blacks - 'Hope and Change' meant that since Obama looked like them - they were going to get some special deal. The Dem's keep saying voter id is racist - the statement is racist in that it implies Blacks can't go get a voter ID like the rest of the people.

Then there's Shelia Jackson Lee, speaking of the astronauts landing on the Mars. Also be sure to google "Congressman Hank Johnson fears Guam will tip over, March 25, 2010" - because we will send 8,000 Marines.

When you look at their leaders it's pathetic. I hate to say it but my Rep is Keith Ellison (he had his DL suspend for unpaid parking tickets). And Al Franken is my senator.

They have no platform, very little logical thought, want to gain power by more entitlements and income redistribution. They have no argument - so they call us 'uneducated hicks'.

Geoff said...


You might want to draw the veil over that post a little more. Your slip is showing.

Why don't you google "Strom Thurmond" in any of his last 20 years in the Senate? Please tell me that the good people of South Carolina were voting for him because of his sharp mind and keen oratorical skills. You'll be hard pressed to find examples--because there aren't any examples of him giving great speeches or really appearing at all. You can guess why.

You might disagree with Keith Ellison--I do too--but I'll imagine he has more education and smarts than most of your "low information" voter model.

doug_b said...

Keith Ellison is the perfect example of 'educated stupid'.

Scott Armstrong said...

Anyone remember Robert Byrd? Hillary said some very complimentary things about him. Her husband was a protege of William Fulbright, he signed the Southern manifesto. Look that up. Universities and colleges still hand out "Fulbright" scholarships.A lovely heritage there. I could go on. The point is the Democratic party needed to jettison this ugly legacy. They attempted to do so by trying to pass if off on the Republicans who frankly always were far more interested in civil rights than the Dems. In this effort the media acted and continues to act as co-conspirators. So to wrap up, when discussing low information voters we must add into that category those who bought, or continue to believe, the canard that the Republican Party, the Party of Lincoln, is racist.

TRENT HALL said...

Mr. MM, People consider the GOP low information voter because they get all their "news" from talk radio & Fox, which peddles conspiracy theories & crackpot talking heads. Black voters may indeed be low information voters in the sense that perhaps they don't read or watch news (don't know if this is actually true because I don't live in a predominately black neighborhood), however, unlike their white low information voter counterparts, they can certainly see that merely registering to vote isn't enough, because the white GOP state government officials eliminate their polling places & limit early voting days & eliminate weekends for registering & voting. Unlike their white counterparts, they get fired if they take off during the work day to vote or register. Unlike their white counterparts, they are smart enough to realize it is the GOP's policies of preventing raising the minimum wage & expanding Medicare/Mediciad and all the rest of the anti-help to the underemployed that makes them, unlike their white counterparts, to vote against their own interests. They are smart enough to realize that a white woman who for medical or whatever reason chooses to terminate a pregnancy can far more likely hop on a bus or fly to a state that doesn't put them through a wringer, while they can't afford to do that. And they are smart enough to realize, that unlike a white child, if they place a child for adoption, the child will will languish in state institutions until cut loose at 17, because no adoption agencies can place black children. Only whites can afford to adopt, and most of them even prefer to adopt white children from abroad because of the bureaucracy involved in domestic adoption. Wealthy whites avoid adoption agencies all together and go the private/attorney route.

JoshLCowen said...

The wonderful black conservative Senator from South Carolina is a protege' of Sen. Thurmond. Let's stop with the baseless attacks on the man who healed his heart after running as a Dixicrat in 1948. Either that or we should deny any accomplishments of the Kennedy klan given the old man's blatant racism and anti-Antisemitism.

Geoff said...

I am not even talking about racism. I'm talking about the fact that apparently "high information voters" elected a man who wasn't even healthy to speak in public for his last 10 years--and was 96 years old when he was last elected.

Is this really the hallmark of the choice of a "high information voter"