Dec 9, 2016

A Legacy Of Capitualation

While Obama embodied everything that liberal America could want in a president, he capitulated us away on the world stage. His line in the sand in Syria was only one of many feats of weakness. Probably, his greatest victim was Israel, which saw him embolden Iran.

While I'm alienating my liberal friends, let me go further. His current decision to stop the Dakota pipeline is yet another plea for lasting popularity with his base. Understand, that the pipeline is not on the reservation. Understand, that while it is near the tip an area that juts out from the main part of the reservation, it is far away from that main area. Understand, that only the portion that goes under the river reservoir is incomplete, and it must go under it somewhere, to be completed. I understand that while the image of Indians, activists and veterans has created a noble notion, the stoppage impacts our energy and commerce. It is my hunch that if Hillary won the election, Obama may not have acted against the pipeline. I believe that he sees the issue as a final poke in the eye to those fascists who have conspired against his noble causes.


Dave said...

This pipeline is a molehill turned into a mountain. Obama has put 75$ of our underground fossil energy off limits for developing by regulations. He's against using fossil fuel and believes we can have all the energy we need by blowing winds and sunshine. That's why he wasted all the tax money on it over the years.

The pipeline crossing the river is not going to cause Armageddon to the harpy hunting grounds of an Indian Tribe in North Dakota. It will cost money to re-route it, but this carnival up there in the middle of nowhere is simply an act ginned up by the anti-fossil fuel activists. Re-route the damn thing a hundred miles away and cross the damn river. Let the proud brave Indian warriors rest peacefully in the ground or whatever the hell the land is sacred for. Jeese, get over it. But no, like everything else, it all gets blown way out of proportion because we're dealing with anti-fossil fuel activists.

The sooner this zealot in Washington leaves, the better. But we aren't going to get rid of him. Apparently Obama is going to stay in public life being a talk show host or something. He won't go away quietly.. no he's going to stay in public life and be a pain in the ass for years to come. It's his "legacy" you know ?

Scott Armstrong said...


Narratives are more important than facts to liberals. So a beautiful one is spun and the believers believe it. The pipeline is just the latest example.Man made global warming another. Another more personal example is how liberals free free to name call anyone who questions the narrative.Too many liberals buy the phony narrative that "disbelievers" do so for evil or selfish reasons. Therefore they have every right to call people like you and me(and others)the most vile slurs in the book in public and on social media. We are in their minds, agents of evil.
Decent people who slander others merely because they hold different political views are called Democrats.

michael molovinsky said...

scott@7:36, in the course of hosting your comments, i must occasionally remind my readers that although i identify myself as a conservative, i do not see my points of view as Republican vs. Democrat.

Scott Armstrong said...


the point of my post was that you are a non believer, someone who didn't have"faith" in the government and the media. A questioner of the status quo and "new ideas. That kind of thinking put you on the list of people who must be disliked and impugned for their ugliness.It isn't R vs D, it right and wrong for them.

doug_b said...

The most uplifting, powerful statement that Donald Trump has said: "It doesn't have to be like this." We have been ill served, scammed, ignored, lied to, by our government and may rigged systems, for a long, long, time.

What's worse, under the Obama administration, they have almost succeed in brain washing the people with leftist thought. I don't use liberal or Democrat any more, because I really think their behavior is that of leftists. This is easily seen with BLM, pipeline protests, and the reaction to their loss in the last election.

I'm here in MN (Land of 10,000 taxes) so we get more of the pipeline news. Our city council is an embarrassment. "The Minneapolis City Council on Wednesday asked staff to explore ways the city could “stop doing business with financial institutions that invest in the fossil fuel industry and in projects such as the Dakota Access Pipeline,” including Wells Fargo." It get's better: "Cano and Gordon said the city should look at establishing a municipal bank or participating in a publicly owned banking operation."

Yeah, we need a 'people's bank'. They can't effectively run Mpls, and now they want to start a bank! It's all leftism.

Steven Ramos said...

Too often left leaning politicians enact and dreamy eyed socialists pursue rules that impact us and our wallets while insulating themselves. Whether it's higher taxes or implementing rules that increase our energy and water costs, or cost of doing business they do so knowing full well that they are wealthy enough to ignore the increased costs thus showing little regard for the people that they will hurt. Similar to Israel, it's easy to put at risk someone else's security. It's not they who will bear the burden.

JoshLCowen said...

As we discuss some of Obama's many failures I commend today's op-ed (actually there is no 'ed') by Victor Davis Hanson. It would have made a great commercial for this past campaign.

Geoff said...

There's plenty of room for disagreement on Syria policy, but the "capitulation" that you describe actually turned out to be an international agreement for the removal and destruction of chemical weapons from Syria. As Churchill said--jaw, jaw, jaw is better than war, war, war--unless you and your commenters cheerfully disagree.

I guess the alternative would be the approach favored in Syria by the country so often discussed by the President-elect--use massive bombing of civilians and deliberate targeting of hospitals and other humanitarian targets in the name of "stability." I can't wait for this foreign policy champion.

As for the pipeline, I once had the pleasure of living for a short time in a very wealthy (and conservative) community that wanted better electrical infrastructure. When it turned out to be built in the town itself, the "leading citizens" were outraged. Their solution--build the infrastructure in the much poorer town next door, but still use it. If that's what the reservation residents feel, they don't seem to be doing anything different.

michael molovinsky said...

geoff@4:05, i welcome opposing viewpoints, and appreciate my readers being exposed to counter opinions. I was remiss in not including Obama and Holder's desire to close Guantanamo Bay. Imagine fighting barbarism, and then wanting to afford them American code in NYC.

Scott Armstrong said...


There is no way to dress up Obama's Syria policy. The results are plain to see. Nothing could be worse than what has and continues to happen there and the entire middle east and Libya. That is His legacy. This fecklessness has empowered corrupt tyrants and made the world a far more dangerous place.As for the pipeline not sure your analogy holds up. This isn't just an "in my back yard" situation but part of a larger effort by misguided radical environmentalists to block the continued use of fossils fuels.

Geoff said...

I would suggest that responses to the President's choices be articulated as alternative choices and not "feelings". Being "for being successful" isn't particularly thoughtful or brave, and it certainly doesn't answer to the complexity of the real world.

Basically the choices are 1) actively fight the Assad regime 2) join the Assad regime and fight the other guys 3) support others who choose option #1 or #2 or 4) do nothing. Russia is now taking on #2--how's that working out? So the real question for the P-E's twitter account is which one he wants. If he takes #4--is that "gutless capitulation" too?

Pennsylvania is a state that has long been dominated politically by extraction industries and integrated monopolies. Take a look at a photo of the northern part of the state 100 years ago and one might understand why the modern environmental movement started here. Maybe we'll get our chance to remember.

Paul Fiske said...

Geoff, You seem to be a Great "Armchair Adventurer" and have all of our Foreign Policy figured out Hmmm!....10 years overseas and 3 times around the globe defending your rights...Leaves me the right to make this assessment....No reply is necessary!
Disabled Military Veteran.....PJF (Paul J. Fiske)

Robert Trotner said...

So Pizzagate is a fact and not a narrative?

Geoff said...

Veteran myself. 10+ years overseas. Proud to have you as a fellow reader of this terrific blog. Thank you for your commitment.

MM--I do indeed hope your readers and friends soon return. I've enjoyed and valued your blog and your readers for years.