Nov 10, 2016

Looking For That Rural Uneducated Male

In field under primitive conditions, searching for creature called Trump voter.  Please check back later this morning for post, after I return to civilization.

7:30AM.  On Wednesday, after hearing about all these uneducated males, I decided to take a field trip to the rural areas outside of Allentown.  One person after another insisted that he if fact had gone to college.  It's all very confusing. We know that many minorities drop out of high school,  but they're never referred to as uneducated.  We also learned that Hillary wanted to help everyone with their college loans.  So, if the minorities weren't Trump voters in the first place,  and so many people need help with their college loans,  who was that half of America so uneducated?

The media pundits are now saying that they must figure out what went wrong with their analysis, which led to so much egg on their collective faces. I suggest that they start with their elitist assumptions.  They assumed that only the uneducated could vote for Trump. I further suggest that their endless Trump bashing didn't erode his support, it only reenforced the public's perception of their arrogance.

I note that some segments of the media, such as Huffington Post, are still in last week's mode, insulting  Trump and his supporters.  They will only make themselves less relevant than before.  I note the protests in the large urban areas and colleges.  I note that the foamers on Facebook are still frothing at the mouth.

I apologize to my uneducated readers for having no picture with this post.  I have yet to return to molovinsky on allentown headquarters, which houses the photographic archives.


Scott Armstrong said...

When the liberal elites told us that the under educated were Trumps base I knew he would win in a landslide.

Scott Armstrong said...

By the way, I will be surrounded by "those people" at Thanksgiving. One owns a large construction company, one owns a successful store, one is the partner in an engineering firm....

Robert Trotner said...

In 1980 one man named George Casey stole the election from the Democrats by negotiating with the Russians to delay the release of the hostages until Reagan came into office. In 2000 the 9 judges on the Supreme Court stole the election from the Democrats. In 2016 one man, James Comey, with a probable push from Rudy Giuliani, stole the election.

Dave said...

the media primarily consists of liberal Democrats. They felt it was our duty as citizens to protect us from this wild and crazy guy named Donald Trump. After all, look at Hillary's qualifications. United States Senator, Secretary of State, wife of the ever popular and successful ex President Bill Clinton, she's traveled hundreds of thousands of miles all around the world..

It was their sacred duty to protect America against this arrogant New Yorker. So it must be that those ignorant bible thumpers and gun nuts that hate Obama and supported Trump. We'll use the pols to convince them that voting for Trump is a wasted vote. And we'll get the colleges to run these polls for us, they're reasonable people and think like us as well.

Not surprisingly, all the polls they report show Hillary is overwhelmingly populr with the American people. They asked intelligent people, you know, progressives like us. Yess, we asked some of those outliers who voted Republican and those who cant make up their minds about anything. But they aren't important anyway.

So even up until election day, with all the polls saying that it's Clinton Clinton Clinton.... But then, the normal people voted. WTF ??? Trump is beating our Girl Hill? It must be all of those outlyers are voting.. this can't be

What I found especially pleasing is that it was Pennsylvania that put Trump over the top early Wednesday mornintg

Just like the media is so wrong about the popular support for the NIZ here in Allentown, they went down that same path with Hillary Clinton.

doug_b said...

I 'self identify' as a white male, with degrees in engineering and computer science, who has previously worked for NASA and Raytheon. I am one of the unwashed, ignorant, uneducated, non-thinking people who voted for Trump.

The poor snowflakes have been brainwashed by the media, government schools, and left wing professors (boarding on communists.) They don't even know why they are protesting.

LVCI said...

MM.. no offense but I've always considered you a moderate Republican like those of yesteryear , but these last few posts and comments...

TRENT HALL said...

And Doug, with your degrees and work experience, you will soon be unemployable in your respective professions and with your former employers. The Republican BIG BUSINESS owners of Congress want foreign born engineers & computer science people here because they can & are paid less than their American citizen counterpart. You are dreaming if you think Trump would propose, or the Republican Big Business owned Congress would go along with, any attempt to stifle that. Likewise, outsourcing of the architectural/design professional
aspects of the related projects will travel overseas. Indeed, Big Business is acquiring many of these overseas shops.

Trade war? Forget it. You think the Kochs & Waltons are going to stand for Walmart/Target/Costo shoppers used to paying $10.00 for a shirt leaving them, because their customer base is now going to have to pay $50.00 because of "Trump's Tax" on goods from Mexico & China? No way.

Trump will be very unpopular in 4 years......because of disappointed supporters who laid face down in the Kool Aid and expected everything promised, and, of course, because of the 50% who didn't want him in the first place. (Hillary won the popular vote)

Yes, some will still be swayed by the Gay/God/Gun/Abortion/Racist/Jesus/ back in our schools/yadda yadda social nonsense, but, not enough to elect him. They will revert to form and not vote again.

If Trump

Scott Armstrong said...

Trent and Rob,

Which party is more connected to Wall street and corporate America? Is your hatred of alternative points of view blinding you to the corruption of "your" party. That was a rhetorical question.
Love your conspiracy thinking Rob, especially as the left loves to accuse the right of it. And Trent, your simplistic MSMBC talking points recitations are comically predictable.
Spend the next four years spinning your intrigues, repeating on line what you heard on the tube, and hating the people you believe are the haters.
Frankly, who cares, it is that boring.

Robert Trotner said...

Yes, your byline says you are a self described nonpartisan and you usually confine yourself to issues like Wehr's Dam and the Lehigh Parkway wall. But you have outdone yourself with your love of Donald Trump to the exclusion of almost all other issues these past three weeks. And even though the election is over, you can't seem to let it go. You should change your blog to "Molivinsky on Trump."

michael molovinsky said...

robert trotner@3:07, you may have noticed that i have not commented on my last two posts. i actually prefer not to comment, after expressing myself as the post author. however, your comment demands a response;

i call myself a non-partisan, but that doesn't mean that i don't have a pick for each office. although i now prefer to not reveal my choices on tuesday, here they are.
1. I voted for gary johnson(L) for president. i resented all claims that a voter for johnson or stein was wasting their vote.
2. I voted for Pat Toomey(R) for senator
3. I voted for Phil Armstrong(D) for state rep.

those were the only three individuals i voted for. I only cast my ballot for races that I feel informed about. I don't guess or ever vote straight party.

as a blogger and news junkie I felt that the media, for the most part, treated Trump with contempt from the get-go. i have noticed all your facebook comments bashing Trump, but didn't question your self identity as the coffee party. you were against the candidate, and i was against the bias expressed against him in the media.

BTW, I actually was very active the last month on the Wehr's Dam issue. I spend almost a month getting the Morning Call to print my op-ed on the dam referendum. I placed signs at a strategic location in south whitehall.

doug_b said...

@Trent 9:12: "you will soon be unemployable in your respective professions and with your former employers. The Republican BIG BUSINESS owners of Congress want foreign born engineers"

It's been this way for 20 years - we have had many H1-B visa programmers and engineers. Remember the Disney layoffs a year ago? Obama let this happen all the while he was president.

You're just sour grapes.

TRENT HALL said...

Doug.....President's "don't let this happen." Congress passes legislation that either increases/decreases/leaves the status quo number permitted. Big Business in general, and Silicon Valley especially, lobbies for it. Even if Obama, or any President, was for or against it, won't matter. The lobby raises the campaign money. It's like when Presidents or the Pentagon don't want money for certain weapons programs because it eats up the budget for things they feel are more important......doesn't matter...LOL! No one in Congress votes a cut for a base or a product made in their district/state reduced. And makers are smart enough to purposely break up production of a system into as many different state locations as possible.

Requests for H1-B visas will only go down when technology/AI/outsourcing levels can eliminate the need for actually importing humans to the US.

However, technology is unlikely in the foreseeable future to reduce the need for human labor on our soil to pick the produce, slaughter the livestock, wash the dishes in food establishments, or maintain our lawns. I don't believe Scott or Doug will perform those tasks, nor any other native born person.....even if Big Business was willing to pay more than the under wages they do now.

ninoshinkicker said...

Robert Trotner: It was 'Bill" Casey; and it was the Iranians, not the Russians. And it never happened. Nice try.