Oct 18, 2016

Sex and The White House Campaign

The years have bestowed journalist status upon Wolf Blitzer.  Last week, when he interviewed Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager, he asked her about the now infamous 2005 tape leak. Although, she stated that she had seen it, he proceeded to have the tape run for the viewing audience. He then had the tape rerun, between each question he asked her.

Last night, Melania Trump suggested to Anderson Cooper that the media is driving the salacious nature of this election, rather than the actions of her husband. To a large extent that is true. The media has fixated on these revelations, and have made them the issue. Years ago, in the era of Walter Cronkite, such accusations would have been considered off limits.

Certainly, Walter would not have run the tape over and over again.


Jamie Kelton said...

Yet the media largely ignores the State Department offering a bribe to the FBI to de-classify emails on Hillary Clinton's private server. And the FBI not prosecuting the crime, but considering to accept it.

We have a government of criminals in Washington D.C., but the media spews all of Trump's women on the front page as if that actually matters.

doug_b said...

Trump is correct. The election is rigged. Not just by voter fraud. The underlying rigging is by the two elite parties that run this country for their own benefit. If you are not a member of this club - they will use every means to destroy you. Nothing is off limits.

The political ruling class has joined forces with the 'media'. By joining forces the politicians can deliver their press releases ( AKA 'news' ) and the media doesn't have to work very hard to broadcast the drivel.

No longer journalists - they became media pundits - virtually all of them - print and broadcasting. I would guess for more advertising dollars. Some of the younger ones don't even understand what a journalist is supposed to be. The content of many newspaper articles really belong on the editorial page.

Although Trump is wealthy, he represents the common man - who is not a member of the elite ruling class. You see how he has been slammed. I can't believe another 'common man' will ever run for president again.

michael molovinsky said...

doug@3:25, with the exception of fox and clear channel, the media is certainly aligned against trump; you might say consumed. on the other hand, he is adept at taking advantage of situations. i believe that the race will be much closer than the polls indicate.

Monkey Momma said...

I doubt very seriously that Cronkite would have stooped so low as to interview Trump in the first place.

Scott Armstrong said...


The media is clearly inflating the Trump audio and sex accusations so they can ignore the Wiki Leaks revelations. That is shameful and does a disservice to the truth.
This is the same media that yawned at Bill Clinton's many sexual indiscretions that included serious allegations of rape, sexual molestation, dropping his pants to state employees, and using a young intern for sex in the oval office.
The news is just too sickening to watch. I know many who have given up on it. They will be voting however.
By the way monkey mama, what makes Trump worse than Hillary. She enabled Bill Clinton's assaults on women. She hired the detectives to dig dirt up on his victims and threaten them with it. This is all documented. No one disputes it. I think her enabling actions should disqualify her from the Oval Office. She is beyond a doubt a callous, grasping, power hungry person.Donald has his faults, but she is evil.

Anonymous said...

Let's not genuflect too deep for the sainted Cronkite. After all, he and his colleagues were complicit in the cover-up of the Kennedy sexcapades which included romps with unstable Hollywood starlets, girlfriends of known mobsters, and even an underage page. Not a word from Ben Bradley or the Sulzbergers at the WaPo and NY Times, respectively. Not a word from Severide, Chancellor, Reynolds or any other 'journalists' of the day. All this as these people did their best to defend the commie traitors, the Rosenbergs, until the Venona papers emerged from the former Soviet Union.

John Keller said...

I hate to intrude on a crowd of conservatives, but I believe you doth protest too much. You dig so deeply to find the conspiracy and the dirtiness surrounding the Clintons, when this is all very simple at the moment. The record is replete with statements, accusations, blistering profanities and a myriad of obscenities declared by the so-called Republican candidate. His own party deplores him (excuse the expression). Is it really so important to intelligent people to actually vote for this almost-universally condemned personality? There are all the hallmarks of sociopathic personality, in that there is no sign of a true conscience, and we can reasonably say this on a record as big as the Washington Monument. No matter which way he will choose to swing, he will humiliate this country and bring us to the brink of war by his lack of political statesmanship and knowledge of the facts. Isn't it best to give the country a break, not feed the beast this time around, and then collectively do whatever housecleaning must be done to get conservative ideology on a healthy track for next time?

Paul Sell said...
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Scott Armstrong said...


One doesn't need a shovel or even to wipe the dust away from from the Obama Administration,Clinton Campaign, the DNC, and the media to see the conspiracies to shape the news to their advantage. Just as clear is the corruption of the IRS, The FBI, the State Department,and the Democratic party in general. Of real concern is how partisans such as yourself act as facilitators to this corruption. To turn a phase, you doth protest never. Your silence is telling. You are an enabler.

TRENT HALL said...

I hear all your Comments bloggers talk about how the Press is against Trump.

Perhaps if they wondered about WHY they seem to be, they would discern the obvious answer:

After building Trump up by unprecedented free non stop media coverage, by ALL the news outlets, reporters/correspondents/analysts finally could start to listen and evaluate WHAT he was saying. Most of the press corps are educated, intelligent, and well traveled. They read & listen to what is said, and hear a wide variety of different viewpoints.

None seemed particularly fond of Hillary.....the general consensus is that is a Tracy Flick (Election movie character) come to real life.......overly ambitious, guarded, intelligent, over prepared, robotic, nerdy, and insufferable. But, she does listen, does read, and is well intentioned.

Trump they have discovered, to their horror, really is the bullying, complete ignoramus, no attention span, narochistic asshole that his birther bullshit foreshadowed. Rather than surrounding himself with competent policy advisors, he listens only to his children & the alt right lunatics from rightwing talk radio who fill his head with conspiracy theories.

It wasn't always so; before 2008 (Obama) Trump regularly espoused rational views on gun control, foreign policy, trade, immigration, women's choice, voting rights, yadda yadda. He completely flip flopped in an embarrassing crass political calculation to outflank the Cruzs, Sanatoriums & Hucklebees of his party. Once he secured the nomination, with the great help of the Press, instead of pivoting to the middle to ADD to his coilation, he instead went completely bonkers on a non stop rampage against virtually every ethnic voting sector in America, save for old, non college educated, NRA member white males. Combine that stupidity with his transparent temperament defficacy and it is no wonder that the Press realizes he is manifestively unqualified to be President.

The Press isn't in the tank because they are "far left" as O'Reilly delusionally states, they are pro Hillary only because Trump as President scares the hell out of them. Truth be told, the Press doesn't like Hillary, she is far too secretative and non accessible for their taste. But, she is a competent person, and that is far more than Trump brings to the table. So, between the two, it is a no-brainer as far as they are concerned.

Scott Armstrong said...


Nice try, WikiLeaks proves once and for all that what was obvious is actually so. By the way, all you say about Trump may be true, but let me remind you Romney was a class act. Look how the media trashed even a truly decent man because he was the Republican candidate.
While I am at it, your logic betrays typical liberal elitism. Of course the press hates Trump, they/liberals are smart and he a Republican/stupid. In the liberal mind educated well traveled people have to be liberal because how could they be otherwise.
Earth to you; there are plenty of well traveled intelligent conservatives. Try reading them sometime. let me recommend Thomas Soul for starters.