Oct 20, 2016

Rumble In Sin City

Trump's fight in Las Vegas with Hillary Clinton didn't end at 10:30pm.  After the debate, he was bashed endlessly by both MSNBC and CNN.  None of their combined commentators could get over the fact that he said that he would have to evaluate the results election night, before accepting them.  I suppose that if he didn't make that statement,  they would have found something else with which to beat him up.

Overall, putting aside that media bias, I think that Trump actually did pretty well.  Although Hillary's free college sounds wonderful to the entitlement crowd,  who would pay for it was never addressed.  Although, Trump lacks the debate skills to emphasize the shortcomings of Hillary's plans,  he did manage to suggest that her policies on immigration and refugees could create problems.   He also did fairly well with his premise that there is a gap between her rhetoric and her results. Hillary did well, with some help from Trump himself,  questioning his temperament. 

I believe that the mythical, undecided voter no longer exists.  After the debate, not one word by the pundits  centered on Trump's treatment of women.  By that shift alone,  Trump won.


Dave said...

I'm shocked, truly shocked about what Hillary said.

Was Hillary Clinton also "shocked" about Al Gore not accepting the results of the 2000 election as well ?

Scott Armstrong said...


When the media purposely ignores real evidence of election fraud before the election why should the targeted candidate say it's no problem? When videos surface of top Democratic Party officials discussing their efforts at inciting violence and electoral fraud why isn't the Justice department investigating? We all know why, they are all in the tank for the DNC's efforts to maintain control of the White House.

Jamie Kelton said...

Mr Molovinski

There is much historical precedent for Trump to answer the way he did. In addition to the 2000 election, where the Democrats, even after Inauguration Day, refused to accept the legitimacy of President Bush's election, there was the 1960 Kennedy/Nixon election when ten of thousands of Daley/ Chicago ballots were "found" to push Kennnedy over the top in Illinois?

Nixon and the entire country knew it was a rigged election. But Nixon also knew that America could not afford to look so divided in the face of rapidly heating "cold" war. Nixon passed on an electoral challenge to not divide the nation, as he believed that was more important. Unlike Vice-President Gore in 2000 who did so, with a legacy of bitterness about President Bush that remains to this day.

The United States is a nation of laws and individual responsibility to uphold the integrity of our Constitiution..and not reward The Democrats for sending paId thug/agitators to disrupt rallies and then have the Media get overheaded about the agitation.

doug_b said...

In a close election, it only takes a 1,000 votes, in a swing state like Ohio, Florida, or Illinois to get all the elector's votes.

In 2008, here in Minnesota, Al Franken won the US Senate race by 215 votes.

Activities that require a photo ID: purchase alcohol, purchase cigarettes, open bank account, apply for food stamps, apply for welfare, apply for medicaid, apply for a job, apply for unemployment, rent a home, buy a home, apply for mortgage, drive a car, rent a car, buy a car, get on a plane, get married, buy a gun, rent a hotel room, apply for hunting / fishing license.

Activities where requiring a photo ID is racist: voting.

Scott Armstrong said...

Remember! There is only one country in the world that does not require voters to show I.D.

And always remember, that's just how the Democratic Party wants it.

TRENT HALL said...

Michael, I think your observations are correct. Trump did do better than before, although the bar curve for him was quite low, considering how terrible he did in the first two debates. (Only on the alt-right faith based online polls did he win 97-3 over Clinton; on the evidence based real polling worlds he lost decisively). And, certainly for the first twenty minutes or so, he definitely scored points on trade & immigration. Abortion is a wash; both sides have their feet in concrete positions and hence simply talk by one another. But, the candidates probably gave the best exposition on the subject in a major debate anyone has heard in years. Trump was wrong on the specifics of partial birth procedures......no fetus is ripped from the womb and there are no final day procedures, but, the essence of the anti-abortion position was well stated. The issue certainly motivates his base and he tied it into his choices for the Supreme Court, which resonates with his supporters.

BUT, the election is over. Trump is done; you can put a fork in him.

Going into the debate, he was poised to lose in an electoral wipe-out comparable to the 2008 McCain-Obama election. Doing good, scoring some points, just wasn't what he needed. Rather, he required a knockout punch, a game changer, a debate that totally changed the trajectory of the election. Not only did that not happen; Trump actually laid in the coffin and nailed the lid shut.

He did this by committing four errors:

1. He insisted on getting cute by doing his Alec Baldwin impersonation of Baldwin doing a Donald Trump impersonation......"Wrong!..... You the puppet, you the puppet." Instead of coming off as an endearing self depreciating parody, it came off as petulant first grader school yard talk....reinforcing the unfit temperament issue. It reminded women (who he desperately needs) of his wife's crack that she is living with two children. And, speaking of his wife, after making the woman go on television for what for her must have been a most uncomfortable appearance, he completely undermined her credibility by insisting at the debate that he didn't apologize to her for his statements made to Billy Bush, contrary to her claim he had. What a classy guy!

2. Democrats for the last 20 years have had this fantasy dream that Hispanics are going to register to vote in some meaningful way relative to their population, and then actually show up at the polls and vote, in sufficient numbers to turn Nevada & Arizona blue. Never happens. Republicans have their fantasy too.....that Pennsylvania is going to go red; never happens. Hispanic registration is still under performing, and there is no evidence Hillary is slipping in Pennsylvania.
But, with 20 days to go, Trump gives, perhaps, the Hispanic outreach dreamers a gift.....the "bad hombres" crack. Now, undoubtedly this went right by most anglos, and was only funny to Trump's base. However, apparently Spanish talk radio is all ablaze over this; they feel it is a slur. Who knew? While a long shot, if this galvanizes the Hispanic ground game organizers, Trump's crack might jeopardize some down ballot Republicans in Arizona & Nevada. Democrats there would consider Trump carrying the state, but, Sheriff Joe and Senator Heck losing, to be a victory.

3. The crack that may have finally sealed the deal for Hillary with women was Trump's "Nasty Woman" one. That cuts much more than the daily stream of women popping up to talk about past groupings, because the former applies to any woman, plain housewives, not TV wantabees or beauty contestants. Without an increase in support from women, Trump has no path to victory. He ended that potential.

4. The rigged election & "I'll reserve judgment" memes on the finality of same is noise. The actual substance is not crucial; it's the fact that the conversation over it consumes/dominates at least another week of media coverage and thus pushes his message off sight. The election unchanged favors Clinton, not Trump.

TRENT HALL said...

Trent Hall

So, what can we expect election night? Well, it will be called by 10:00 PM EST, with her having 270 before the returns from west of the Mississippi come in. Trump will proclaim he is making a HUGE announcement at 11:00 PM. Expecting a concession, the press will all focus on it. Trump will speak for 20 minutes, spending the first 19 minutes introducing the arrival of Trump TV starting on Inauguration Day. This will be a pay TV channel, but, for those signing up right away, a special intro price of $20.00 per month is available; there is no cancellation tab on the form. He will then declare that that although the election is over election, starting in a few minutes he will appear on a special post election Hannity Fox News show at 11:30 PM. All the usual Fox grift commentators will be there, along with special guest Charlie Sheen, who will lead all those on the stage in a HUGELY alt-right circle jerk shout out of "WINNING!"