Sep 13, 2016

Pawlowski and The Little People

Lately, I noticed on facebook, that Ed Pawlowski has started attending littler events, such as a small hispanic church picnic. Understand that if Mayor Ed had his choice, he still would be a candidate for the United States Senate, and not the object of an FBI investigation. He still might had,  under the prior scenario, attended a mega congregation picnic, but previously he didn't have interest in the small fry stuff. Why now is Ed showing up at the munchkin events? Does he want to say he got religion as part of his future defense? Naw, he always had big church religion. Beyond the obvious, that his personal cache has depreciated, he might be trying to cultivate a Marion Barry constituency. When the Washington mayor got popped for cocaine, his followers still elected him. I think that the taint from the Raid On City Hall has made bigger office, or big appointments, on the state or federal level, a goal no longer attainable. Perhaps Ed sees being Mayor For Life now as his best shot, supported by the little people, more tolerant of legal scrapes. 

ADDENDUM: The above is a reprinted post from September 7, 2015. Ed has continued courting the little people. Before the scandal, aka FBI investigation, he certainly keep company with more uptown constituents. However, in all fairness to him, he has always been inclusive with city residents. There is now, however, a noticeable difference in photo ops. Previously, they were Morning Call moments, often appearing on the weekend society page; Now, they are cell phone selfies. If Ed is still available to run for a 4th term,  it is the little people who will elect him.  They are less sensitive to the scandal,  and more flattered by his attention.  I believe that there has been too much damage done to the city's self esteem for the more established Democrats to again support him.


Jamie Kelton said...

It's mid September now. The mayor's election is next year. Even if the FBI issues indictments against Mayor Pawlowski tomorrow, you won't see any trial for a year, given the pace of the investigation.

I think he is going to run for re-election. Basically, why not? I don't think he will step down because what else is he going to do? What will happen is that he will be challenged in the primary election by several Democrats. If he can beat the other Democrats, he'll pursue a fourth term, as Republicans don't stand a chance in Allentown.

George Ruth said...

There's got to be a job for a corrupt politician in Chicago, no?