Aug 10, 2016

Shove Your Movies In The Park

The Lehigh Valley park systems, now essentially controlled by the Wildland Conservancy, currently feature Movies and Lies In The Park, instead of parks in the park.

While Allentown recently gave an excuse of delays in rebuilding Cedar Beach Pool, they never revealed that only about two men have been working on it all summer. While they show movies in the parks,  the weed barriers along the creeks are exposing children and pets to ticks all summer.

While South Whitehall will host events in Covered Bridge Park,  they have conspired with a referendum, to accommodate the Wildlands Conservancy and demolish Wehr's Dam.

Meanwhile, the Trexler Trust forsakes the General's accomplishments by funding the Wildlands Conservancy. Although, every park in Allentown got a new sign this summer, the park department forgets that the parks were designed to be enjoyed by people, not to provide space for the Wildlands' agenda.  Try leaving your yard grow that way, you'll get a fine.

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george schaller said...

Movie's and a housing from the AFD is all part of the grant grab get to give? With all those invasive parasitic insects incubating in all the weeds who in there right mind would subject children to the possibility of contracting one of the many infections spread?