Aug 30, 2016

A Crime Against Allentown's Treasure

Readers of this blog know that I was very offended that the Wildlands Conservancy demolished the small dam by the bridge at Robin Hood, in Lehigh Parkway.  To add insult to injury, they piled the smashed dam ruble around the stone piers of the bridge.  While previously the stone piers rose majestically of the water, they were now surrounded by ruble.  That ruble has now accumulated silt, and tall weeds and brush now grow around the piers.  Furthermore, this accumulation has now completely blocked off the flow of water from under one side the bridge.

I call upon the Allentown Park Director to insist that the Wildlands  remove this ruble at their expense.    They were, unfortunately, given permission to remove the dam, but they were never authorized to depreciate the bridge or stream in such a way.

The banks of the stream are so overgrown by the bridge, that the creek can no longer be seen.  The WPA water fountain that sits on the edge of the weed barrier is a reminder of how beautiful the park used to be.  Robin Hood is really a disgusting mess now,  and this blog will tolerate no environmental rationalizations as an excuse for the abuse of this former treasure.

When the classic postcard shown above was made,  the stream bank provided both access and view to enjoy the Little Lehigh.  


Chilio Pepper said...

I've never seen a city run so haphazardly as this one. Ruin the good things..stomp on people trying to make a positive difference..unbelievable!

george schaller said...

This is elegal dumping of construction debris or in this case destruction? This was just another blatent cost factor in the misappropreation of funds allocated for total removal?

Bust up dam and removal of debris cost eliminated as equipment just moved debris downstream a few feet? How does this even qualify for the descrptive damm removal?

Hokey pokey and spin the spin around again!

Dave said...

This seems like a good afternoon's work for the prisoners in the Lehigh County Jail to clean up this mess. At least take the old concrete rocks out of the creek and put them in the back of a truck to haul it away.

The cost would be very low and get them out of the gym lifting weights.

George Ruth said...

Liberalism at its best: destroy what works and leave the rubble to others to handle....or not handle.