Jul 21, 2016

Trump's Lemonade Stand

Readers of this blog, who view it on a computer screen, know that I don't have an agenda with the national main stream candidates.  On the sidebar, I display the Libertarian banner.  Before I get into today's post, allow me to explain that I design this blog to be seen on a full screen.  Although, I appreciate the readership of those using mobile devices,  the attitude of this blog will not be fully understood.

Prior to this week,  most of the liberal pundits were claiming that Trump's meager organization was  going to catch up with him at the convention.  Too many party name-brands were going to be absent to make a positive image. Lo and behold,  once again Trump appears to have exceeded expectations.  His family did a great job representing him,  even with accusations of plagiarism.

Some Republicans have doubled down on Trump losing.  While most of those stayed away from the convention,  Ted Cruz decided to make his point while attending.  As somebody who has been registered as an independent most of this decade,  I can appreciate his tenacity;  however, Trump does seem very adept at making lemonade from the ingredients at hand.

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doug_b said...

I believe that Trump will win for several reasons:

Paralysis: The status quo (both Dem’s and Repub’s) have paralyzed us citizens. We have been talking about a wall on our southern border – nothing gets done – it’s been over 10 years. Tax after tax – we need a snack food tax, a wheelage tax, more tobacco taxes – you name it - clearly an abuse of power. This is not taxation with representation – and never a referendum. We are paralyzed in paying outrageous sums to support government schools (and the teacher’s pension fund) that indoctrinate children with the latest government agenda. Entitlements that reward baby mama’s to have more children – we are paralyzed to do anything about it – forced to pay taxes to support this shameful behavior.

Economic: 94,000,000 without jobs. 46,000,000 on SNAP – more than the population of Spain. 18,000,000 on SSDI – more than the population of Greece – and SSDI is officially broke. Our national debt is $19.4 trillion. The Feds Zero Interest Rate has wreaked havoc on savers and retired people – since savings and money market pay no interest.

Lies: If you like your doctor… The average family will save $2,500. It will be affordable ( $7,000 deductible). The unemployment rate is less than 5% (more like 20%) – while more and more leave the job market. Most everything that Obama says – is either an outright lie, or twisted to fit his agenda.

Our two parties want to maintain the status quo. It’s how they derive their power and money. However it’s now become so blatant that they can’t ignore the pink elephant in the room.

Trump is not about being a ‘Republican’ or a ‘Conservative’ – he’s a practical guy who wants to get things done. Break the paralysis and the lies.

I think the silent majority has had enough of this insanity and will elect Trump.