Jul 6, 2016

The Perfect Political Storm

While national politics is not my normal wheelhouse,  the adversity of this particular election does fascinate me. I do not ever recall a more polarized electorate than in this cycle.  Supporters of  each candidate truly hate the opponent.  While Hillary has taken the long road to be her party's nominee,  Trump shot to the top because of an unusually crowded field.  Only on a stage with sixteen other candidates could someone succeed with one liners,  and not even memorable ones at that. Who could have imagined that Jeb Bush would disintegrate as he did, with a $150 million dollar campaign fund. Factor in Trump's background on television,  in this age of reality shows.

Readers of this blog may have noticed the Libertarian banner on the sidebar.  As a former independent candidate I often heard that another option was needed, but people didn't want to waste their vote. Independents are often viewed as spoilers.  In reality there can only ever be a third option when voters start pushing that alternative button.

My Democratic friends think that Hillary will win in a landslide. They talk about the math.  I think that they are underestimating the discontent festering in this country.  Regardless of the outcome in November, my concern remains with local decisions.


Dave said...

Mr Molovinski

I don't know if you've ever served in our military. However I have, and was given duties on occasion that required me to have access to some of our national secrets. My supervisor at the time gave me a word of advise. Treat them as if they were radioactive. Be careful how you handle it, be careful whom you talk to about it. Be careful how it is stored and never, never take it out of a secured area. I remembered that at the age of 20, and when that duty assignment ended and I moved on, the responsibility was passed on to someone else and I was relieved.

Now a bit of explanation is needed here after yesterday. There are several levels of classified information which our government has. There is confidential, the lowest level, which disclosure could cause embarrassment to the United States. Then Secret, the next level, which could cause some damage to the United States. Then Top Secret, which could cause significant damage to the United States. The vast majority of people who use classified information in their duties work within one of these three categories. Now for special activities, there is one level above Top Secret, which, in fact, little is known about called Top Secret/SCI. Even having that level of clearance is classified. It is, Mr Molovinski, the level of security that Area 51 operates under. It's not spoken about, and very little information is even known about it. It is just that sensitive.

Now, it is well-nigh impossible for the Top Secret/SCI information to "inadvertently" end up on Secretary Clinton's private server. The only way for this to happen, is for someone(s) to execute a series of deliberate actions, each of which is a felony. The very fact that such information existed on Secretary Clinton's server, is in and of itself, proof of felonious conduct.

Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation used to be looked upon as the High Priests of Law Enforcement. After today such a high compliment no longer applies.

doug_b said...

To understand what is happening, read this link about "The Fourth Turning"


We have Hillary and Donald because people have woken up and realized the 'system' is rigged / corrupt / supporting the status quo. I think it may be the beginning of the end for the Republican and Democratic parties.

As it stands, nothing constructive get's done, laws are ignored, our elected officials maintain the status quo - thus maintaining their power and increasing their wealth.

Life in the US is built upon debt. Debt to buy a car, debt for college, debt for a home, debt for health insurance, debt for taxes, debt, upon debt. It's a scam, and the people are starting to realize that fact.

The latest and most blatant example is the head of the FBI - Comey. He says he doesn't think there is enough evidence to prosecute Hillary. That's not his call. He is supposed to collect the evidence and turn it over to a prosecutor who will decide. He's completely out of his lane!

As for the Libertarian - Gary Johnson - well he said that he gave up eating cannabis taffy several months ago. What a nut case.

I think there is so much pent up anger, by the silent majority, that Trump will win. I just hope it's not like what happened with Jesse Ventura when he was elected to Governor of Minnesota - all talk - then no action.

michael molovinsky said...


Dear Vet, Anyone who has ever held a job in government (I have held several) soon realizes 99% of all docs marked with ANY level of "secret" is complete bullshit.....done solely so that embarrassing info is not disseminated to the public. Any regular reader of a creditable newspaper (Wash Post, NYT, London Times, etc., etc.) can learn 99% of what the President reads every morning in his daily CIA briefing. This is why ALL Presidents since Truman has considered it a joke and made ALL major decisions based on either politics or their preconceived views. When the military intelligence & the CIA support these views, fine; they didn't create the POTUS viewpoint. When the CIA & the military disagree with a POTUS viewpoint, they are simply ignored. Which is why either former politicians (Porter/Bush, Laird, Tennet, Panita, etc., etc.,) or campaign contributors (Casey/Schlessinger, etc., etc.) or nonenity former military types (Hayden/Coby, etc., etc.) get the job. No one in the White House takes military/CIA intelligence seriously; these are large budget agencies designed to get massive funding from Congress, which is channeled back in the form of contracts to vendors, so that these contractors can make financial contributions back to the politicians in Congress. When folks or staff retire from the Hill, they get lucrative jobs with these think tanks & federal contractors so that they can perpetuate the system. There is no difference between the Pentagon and the intelligence community in this regard....except that Pentagon spending is fairly transparent since the appropriations are for the most part detailed in public legislation, while the intelligence community budgets are mostly masked and known only to Hill members & staff, though usually leaked to the press.

Clinton did what she did, like all her predecessors, because she obviously didn't want the public to read her personal correspondence (like, does anyone doubt that if was on a "secured" government site it wouldn't had been leaked/hacked? All available to read on Newsmax/Hannity/Breibart?) But, the rules changed, and she ignored them, figuring the benefits outweighed the risks of censure. Grow up vet.......She's a politician......the ends always justifies the means.....especially when the brass ring at the end of the game is a Governor/Senator, Congressman seat, or the Presidency. You still waiting for Trump to release his tax returns? Didn't think so. What? You mean the rich & powerful enjoy perks and relief from the normal consequences that us mere mortals have to endure? Gee, who knew? If your so offended by the (deservedly) cavalier regard Clinton & her staff had for the whole government email protocol then me thinks you should write in Bernie Sanders on your ballot in November. That will show them!

You needn't worry our "enemies" (ISIS,Al-Quadia, yadda yadda) learned anything important from reading her mail......they already know we are in THEIR homeland, bombing the shit out of them!) Turn off Fox "News", bag the tin foil hat, waste your money giving to the Trump campaign if you want, so that you can help him "make America WHITE again," but, stop the drivel about Clinton emails......worry about the lead & polutetins in your drinking water when Trump brings all those "coal jobs back again."