Jun 15, 2016

Lehigh Valley Sold Down The River

While Nestlé Water is finding resistance all across America, one locality sold it's residents out, and we be it. When Don Cunningham was County Executive, he welcomed this siphon of natural resources with open arms. Although Donny and his easy smile remains popular, he's the ultimate go to boy for corporate interests. He has been rewarded, being appointed executive of the regional development authority. Nestlé has been further legitimized in this locality by the Wildlands Conservancy. This bastion of hypocrisy hosts children education days, sponsored by Nestlé, where children are taught by the good environmentalists of the water corporation. Nothing says nature like water bottled in plastic.

You won't read these truths elsewhere in the local media.  While you have to be both independent, and a bastard, to tell it like it really is, truth is most people don't care.  Give them a free bottle of water and they're OK with it.  Give them some free music, BBQ, and beer, they'll dance in the street.


LVCI said...

This may not be gospel because this was only rumor among employees at Kraft Foods. When process cheese was moved out almost 9 years ago it left a huge unused area within the building. Rumor was Kraft was looking to place multiple juice lines in the huge empty spot but were told by the water authority it couldn't approve use of the amount of water Kraft requested.

If this rumor was true I'm sure it contributed to Kraft rethinking Lehigh Valley. Now we're reading the building may fall victim to the a wrecking ball replaced by two large warehouses. Seems more could have been done to try and work with Kraft who was there decades before the water bottler (and paid more). Or did we assume Kraft could create new food production lines w/o a certain amount of water for it's products and meet it's sanitation requirements?

If this were true Kraft's production plant yet may still be another casualty.

george schaller said...

Today I past the newly acquired park property of Allentown pa? It never had weeds cut under past owner, but today there must have been 20 city workers blocking traffic on matin Luther king Dr at the 24th street stoplight if that is not already a congested area at rush hour time? This must have been the king and his court jester design?

LVCI said...

MM Said, "truth is most people don't care"

Judging by the responses over the last two days that seems to be eerily true around here. People will raise the roof when the authority one day raises water rates but have no concern paying a 25 cents a bottle for less then 7 ounces. The water authority currently charges residents $.0031878 per 1,000 gallons.