Jun 28, 2016

Allentown, What a revoltin' development

There are two articles in the paper that have me shaking my head.  One is that the mayor may escape prosecution,  because of the recent supreme court case outlining what the new legal threshold is for corruption. I personally don't have much attitude about Pawlowski's situation, one way or the other. But, when we think about how much time and effort was taken, not counting the collateral charges filed against others, we can just see our taxdollars sucking up in the vortex of government.

Talking about evaporating taxdollars, we learn that it will cost us a $quarter million to have the school superintendent not work. I noticed the news reports that the school board approved Mayo's sabbatical. The reporters know full well that Mayo didn't request this situation, it was forced upon him by the school board. I enjoy being a blogger, and not having to mince my words.

The photograph shown above, and the post title,  are inside jokes for the older baby boomers.


Geoff said...

I agree with Bernie. Legal coverage is frequently superficial and the Supreme Court's decision hinged on definitions and instructions, not the concept of anti-corruption campaigns themselves.

The nature of the official acts and the fairly obvious quid pro quos in the Allentown cases are much different, even as the Mayor's defense team tries to influence future jurors with public statements.

michael molovinsky said...

geoff@6:05, it seems as if the paper carried water for the mayor and his attorney with such a prominent headline.

allow me to note here that my posts are still published very early weekday mornings, although they do not appear on bernie's sidebar blogroll until 12 hours later.

Rich Fegley said...

Extortion. Allentown's RICO. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations.

Pawlowski and friends' crimes differ, there are body recordings, text messages and emails.

Tick tock. We all wait.

Geoff said...

Even more worrisome, as you have previously noted, is the article that Talen Energy is likely to be "legally" plundered through its conversion to a fully private company and will probably be a hollow shell within 5-7 years, if not sooner.

Only in today's America could we applaud a situation where a company could "invest" the proceeds of selling its own assets into buying itself on behalf of investors who put little to no money of their own in the sale.