May 23, 2016

Wildlands Conservancy Tick Festival

There is a full blown tick festival growing along the creeks in the Allentown Park system.  Under Pawlowski,  the park director is in charge of recreation, while the Wildlands Conservancy dictates park policy. The riparian buffer zones have been  expanded this season, and should be at least two feet tall within a week.  With the Cedar Beach Swimming Pool out of commission,  the children instead will be  introduced to Lyme's Disease, if they attempt to cool off in the creek.

In South Whitehall, the parks are run by the Wildlands groupie Randy Cope. He plans on replacing the scenic Wehr's Dam with a riparian buffer, blocking both access and view of the creek.  His claim to frame is showing outdoor movies, by the soon to be demolished dam.  While the South Whitehall Commissioners grossly overstated the dam's repair costs to justify a referendum this coming November,  the dam is no longer even mentioned on any of the township's printed or digital park pages;  It is as if they already allowed the Wildlands Conservancy to destroy it.  It's a good thing that the township residents are not concerned about local politics,  because they are so poorly represented.

Shown above is the miniature stone bridge over the spring channel in Lehigh Parkway.  I have cleared this WPA treasure from the overgrowth several times in recent years. 


Chilio Pepper said...

The WC (water closet pun intended) is a man made disaster looking for a park to inflict it on.

Atown Assassin said...

The people running Allentown couldnt make $1.00 running a lemonade stand on a hot summer day. They would have to spend $500k for a study to tell them which corner makes the most sense. So, i dont know why you think they could manage a park system. Maybe, after a couple $100k studies and lawyers kickbacks, they'll get it right.

Rich Fegley said...

Local corruption. Wildlands let the Mayor let his "friends" cut down trees on their land that is zoned "conservation".

I would never trust an organization like Wildlands Conservancy. Shame on them. Are they part of the RICO?