May 11, 2016

Adventure Allentown Omission

The Adventure Allentown magazine for Spring/Summer 2016 is being circulated throughout Allentown. In the front pages, Mayor Pawlowski takes credit for many things that he wasn't involved in. Pardon my ego, but one of the things the city takes credit for is the fruit of my labor.  Improvement to the steps at Fountain Park began with a post on this blog in 2008, entitled Stairway To Shame. Subsequently, I created public interest by writing numerous pieces about the WPA, and holding several meetings at the Allentown Library. Paul Carpenter joined me on an inspection of the steps, and wrote a column about the needed repairs. During this period I invited Karen El-Chaar, Director of Allentown Friends Of The Parks, for a private tour of Allentown's WPA structures. El-Chaar secured a grant from Trexler Trust, which was used to replace missing steps and repoint at Fountain. During those repairs last year, I prevailed upon Linday Taylor, Allentown Park Director, to allow the stone masons to also seal the the open top of the Union Terrace stairwell wall. While I wouldn't expect that Pawlowski would mention my name, that photograph in the city magazine represents over seven years of my work.

 Although, I'm not mentioned, The Wildlands Conservancy is featured on a full page. That organization, with no regard to the uniqueness of our parks, has been dictating the park policy throughout Lehigh Valley. Our iconic structures are allowed to crumble, and in some cases are intentionally demolished, to accommodate their agenda, for which they harvest state grants. Tonight, I will make a presentation on behalf of our history.

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George Ruth said...

This corresponds nicely to Facebook physically deleting conservative websites from its 'trending' list. Both are virtual censorship since they are deliberate attempts to keep the truth from the people.