Apr 22, 2016

The Corruption of The Lehigh Valley

When I debated Mike Fleck on Business Matters, he called me a naysayer and spoke much louder than me, but perhaps with less integrity. 

The Lehigh Valley is becoming corrupt. It's not always the outright crime as now being investigated in Allentown by the FBI, sometimes it's simply misdirecting the voters, as is occurring in South Whitehall Township, in regard to Wehr's Dam. Either way, the citizens are being short changed.  Sometimes, that deception enriches the officials,  other times the public is simply cheated out of their history.  In some ways the voters are responsible for their own victimization.  If they insist on always voting one party, as in Allentown,  eventually there is no longer any checks and balance.  If not enough people are motivated to serve, as in South Whitehall, eventually the uncontested elections result in arrogance.  While the story of Mike Fleck and Allentown will dominate the main stream and alternative media this weekend,  my next post will outline the upcoming crime against the people in South Whitehall.


Rich Fegley said...

Nobody wants to comment on the corruption in Allentown and the Lehigh Valley? No one wants to comment on the deception or cheating?

A local attorney once told me to "be very careful" when I mention CORRUPTION in Allentown. This attorney's firm has been subpoenaed by the FBI.

Who isn't corrupt in the Lehigh Valley?

George Ruth said...

I'm longing for the good 'ol days of 'weak' mayors like Chips. Say what we might about Joe Dadonna (I liked him but not all his policies) his main goal in life was to make Allentown better. OK, OK...he was misguided in a few areas...I get it. Then the ignored Frank Fischel was a good man; Bill Height was ridiculed for being a dreaded 'businessman' but also had his sights only on Allentown. When the last to political climbers were elected (Roy and Fed Ed) we got corruption like the union cave-ins and play for pay.

Paul Fiske said...

Thank You George 4/24 9:25pm,
Very well said!
"The Old Allentown Curmudgeon"
Paul Fiske