Apr 14, 2016

Rite-Aids Return, Figment Of My Imagination

Dear Mayor Pawlowski,
Forgive me for saying this, but I'm very disappointed in the changes made to my town. After my wife passed away, I moved to the senior high-rise at 8th and Union St. I can see the old Mack Transmission Plant from my window, I worked there for 40 years. I understand now it's a indoor go-cart track, I find that a bitter pill. Actually pills are why I'm writing. I used to walk to the Rite-Aid on Hamilton Street. With that closing, I don't think I can walk out 7th St. to the old Sears. Forgive me Mayor, that's before your time in Allentown. The other Rite-Aid used to be Levines Fabrics, they bought it from Sears. The Army Navy store was across the parking lot. Anyway, back to my problem. Now I can't even catch the bus on Hamilton anymore to go visit my daughter in Catty. What have you done to me? My neighbor, a nice widow, tells me you gave that Mexican Restaurant lots of our money and they don't even pay their bills? Never ate there, what were you thinking? Anyway, sorry to bother you, I know you're a busy man, but I don't know where I will get my medicine from, and I'm upset. Sorry.

PhotoCredit: molovinsky

Reprinted from July of 2008, to commemorate the return of Rite-Aid.  Isn't it wonderful that J. B  Reilly will finally get a tenant who will do enough business to actually pay rent.


michael molovinsky said...

in comments to the morning call article on rite-aid, an apologist claims that rite-aid is returning because of the success of the NIZ and strata lofts. actually, after rite-aid had to leave hamilton street, they relocated to N.7th street in the Levine/Sears building. unfortunately, that building had code issues, and they had to leave it also. they offered to purchase the building and build on that location a modern store of their standard design. allentown zoning rejected the request.

Dave said...

Mr Molovinsky

A small gift to thank you for the hard work you do on your blog.