Apr 14, 2016

Molovinsky Opposes Dog Park

I'm opposed to Allentown creating a Dog Park. As someone who visits one Allentown park or another every day, I can tell you that every park is a dog park. At least half the people in any given park are there with their dog(s). So, while there is no reason for a separate dog park, there are reasons why we shouldn't create one. Pawlowski has already suggested that it be placed in one of the two unneeded parcels that he purchased, to help justify that controversial deal, which may be under investigation. Instead, both those parcels should be sold, because the current park system is underfunded.

Now, as far as the park system being currently short funded; The Cedar Beach Pool project is dead in the water, or I should say, without water. Since our Mayor In Limbo announced the project on his facebook page, no work has occurred.  Although the bottom of the pool was removed,  the project has come to a standstill.  Apparently, it is yet another project that has no budget led way or time frame, which is becoming an Allentown tradition.

Although City Council Park Committee Chair Cynthia Mota knows nothing about the parks, Council still has never responded to my offer to be a citizen liaison on park matters.

molovinsky on allentown would like to concentrate on historical posts this spring. Let us hope that the administration's shenanigans slow down,  permitting time for some history lessons.

photo: I'm explaining the spring pond and its neglect, while giving a tour of the WPA structures in Lehigh Parkway.


Ray Nemeth Sr said...

I see these dog parks going up all over the county, I am surprised how many people use these. My question is, with all these dogs urinating and defecating in these enclosed spaces, what is the risk to humans and the dogs themselves? Is it really a safe place for dogs?

michael molovinsky said...

ray@8:32, although, i don't know the answer to your question, i do want to address your comment, I see these........ going up all over the county. Allentown has one of the most unique park systems in the country, there is no need to emulate anywhere else. HOWEVER, maintaining such a unique system is a responsibility which has not been well met since pawlowski was mayor, especially the WPA structures. frankly, the little recent work that was just finally done last summer, was the result of my years of advocating. despite proclamations, i don't expect anything to be done this summer; more on that in another post.

Monkey Momma said...

I'm a dog owner and lover. And you know what I do NOT love? Dog parks. Here's why...

1. They're incredibly messy. I mean...it's obvious why. People are slobs.
2. Because of the above mentioned mess, regular taxpayer funded cleanup is necessary. All the time.
3. Because of the above mentioned mess, dog waste gets into the water supply. A water supply source in Los Angeles that was near a dog park was tested for contaminates, and toxin levels from the waste was off the charts - which one would expect being that it was next to a site that allowed animals to defecate and urinate en masse. Our water supply is already challenged. Why stress it further?
3. People bring the wrong dogs (unneutered males, mean dogs, scared dogs, unvaccinated dogs) to the park, and no one can stop them.
4. My own dogs are...get this...just dogs. And any dog can freak out and bite someone or another dog if the right buttons are pushed. I do not want to accept the legal liability if my dog loses it on another dog or person. (Anyone who says their dog would "never" bite doesn't understand that dogs are not humans. They can and will bite if provoked.)
5. It is not clear if cities are liable for the damages incurred at dog parks in injurious situations. The law is not settled. Can Allentown really expose itself to this kind of untested liability?

For these reasons, and for more reasons specific to the residents of Allentown itself, I do not support a dog park in the city. The idea is nice, but the reality is it is a very unclean, potentially dangerous area that requires constant maintenance and possibly expensive litigation when things go wrong.

John said...

If placing one or several dog parks around the Allentown park system leads to quality-of-life citations for owners letting dogs off-leash outside dog parks, then it would seem to be a great idea. The secret is in ensuring that the parks are equitably accessible, favoring all residential neighborhoods. While Allentown may not need to emulate other park systems in the area, it would do well to see how other cities with great parks accommodate the needs of pet owners.

A place for dogs to play together leads to better socialization of pets, and possibly their owners. Dog parks don't need to be big. They do need proper fencing and regular trash removal. Probably "doggie doodoo" bag dispensers as well. Corporate sponsorship might make this happen faster and with less startup tax burden to city residents.

michael molovinsky said...

although pawlowski was trying to sell the idea of a dog park in the new parcel he purchased from atiyeh through his rubber stamp council, the consensus was to go back to plan A, which is trout stream park. both the parcels he purchased have brown field issues.

john@10:20, my estimate is about 50% plus of the dog walkers pick up after their pets, while almost all have leash control over their dogs. btw, there are bag dispensers in the parks.