Feb 3, 2016

The Photography and Politics of Lehigh Valley

K Mary Hess is an extraordinarily gifted landscape photographer, whose soft, sensitive use of color gives her images a painterly quality. Her page on Facebook, Photos Of Lehigh Valley, receives thousands of views each week.

The criminal investigation of Allentown City Hall has now spread to both the Parking Authority and Lehigh County.  The private tax collecting agencies used are so lucrative that they pay our local government for the contract. They made their money on the fines and fees, levied on the backs of the citizen voters.  The Parking Authority charges more per hour than resort cities.

Fortunately, we have local gifted artists,  to give us some pause and respite from the corruption surrounding us.

Photography Page of K Mary Hess


Bill said...

Well said - I shared it. Oh the humanity....

Rich Fegley said...

Corruption. I was told by a local attorney to be careful when saying that word. He gasped when I said the Delta Thermo Energy incinerator deal was corrupt. This was Feb 2012 just before the deal was rubber-stamped by Council.

Thanks again to the FBI for investigating Allentown and the Lehigh Valley.

Allentown is corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo.
Thanks for highlighting this fine work.

Jamie Kelton said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful illustrations :)

Follow the money, you find the pockets it went into

doug_b said...

About corruption... I just wanted to say "I'm not a crook".

When is this story going to go national?

Anonymous said...

Great photos-we lived thru a historical event: The blizzard of 16

The blast radius of this investigation is expanding rapidly. Presently the focus is on this tax group. I assume the Bureau is not myopic. This is a target rich zone. If money ever passed this way, I'm thinking the local toll takers might have practiced their trade.