Feb 2, 2016

The Art and Politics of Lehigh Valley

Usually, when you meet a good artist who is prolific, they are also so versatile it's hard to define their work.  Among many other descriptions, it can be said that Alison Bessesdotter makes tranquil paintings and watercolors that resemble fabric.  She also makes fabrics which resemble paintings. Her tools, paint, brush and sewing machine are used interchangeably, sometimes all on one piece. If that merging isn't enough, she also puts her art on wearables, such as jackets and wristbands. Bessesdotter's studio is located at the Banana Factory in South Bethlehem.

A line on her page says slow art made here.  While her high quality art is made painstakingly slow, our local politics are fast and sloppy.

Allentown City Council appointed one of their own to the controller position, Jeff Glazier.  He was originally appointed to city council, and only managed to get elected with assist from the Pawlowski PAC.  Although his latest appointment is a disappointment,  he creates an opportunity for council to finally rise above its tainted reputation.  Once again council will have to appoint another new council member,  and therein lies its chance for redemption.

editor's note: I have wanted to feature some good artists and history, however, our bad government hasn't provided an opening.  Perhaps some good images will sweeten the bad taste from our elected officials.

Artist's Website


Anonymous said...

What's the medium?

Anonymous said...

If you want someone to do nothing Jeff Glazier is the person to do it. I could say more but choose to be kind.

Scott Armstrong

Bessesdotter said...

Thank you Mr. Molovinsky for featuring my work. I was a part of the Allentown Hamilton Street landscape for some time- but then the NIZ was started and many old buildings became rubble. I really treasure my time there--we were the first to feature Greg Weaver's work in an exhibit in my space you were a big help with that, and the elegant Antonio Salemme Foundation was a cultural icon in our building. Other artists talked about the Mayor and JB Reilly saving the city. Then the water authority was sold. The parks are being allowed to fall down. Restaurants come and go. Who is fiddling while the city's reputation for corruption is built on a few city blocks that are unusable for all but a few people. It's been sad to watch and you've done the hard work of tracking and reporting before many others even noticed. Thanks again for your work and dedication to the political and cultural landscape in the valley. While I'm commenting, I will shamelessly plug my local exhibition which will be Friday March 18 at Kutztown University from 5-8 pm in the Eckhaus Gallery 157 Main St. Kutztown Pa.

michael molovinsky said...

@7:18, the work shown is watercolor/ink. I have updated the link from Alison's name to her current webpage. i'm certain you will be as impressed with her work as I am.

Chris Casey said...

They have already approached Joe Davis, so they can appoint someone up to speed who can hit the ground running. Interviews will be a dog and pony show, a façade to make it look like they tried.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful art amidst beastly politics.
Quite the contrast.

Anonymous said...

To borrow a line from Donald Trump - Glazier is low energy.

Don't expect much to happen. Definitely don't expect any accomplishment.

I think this pick is evidence of how tone deaf council is to the storm they find themselves in. You get the impression that they believe they couldn't possibly be the problem or even part of it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for presenting this, Mike. It's always nice to be led to beautiful art.

-Jeffrey Anthony

Anonymous said...

A welcome break from rotten politics.
Lovely, thank you.

BostonFan said...

As a collector of Ms. Bessedotter's work, (watercolor on material with ink - acrylic painted tiles - eco-dyed scarves) I can truthfully say that it is some of the most beautiful and creative art I have had the privilege to see. I am fortunate to be able to admire the pieces daily.

I encourage all of you to visit her website, attend the show, and stop in at First Friday at the Banana Factory! Support what is beautiful in your community!


rustic coyote said...

I visited her site. Impressive. Thanks for the tip.

rustic coyote said...

I visited her site. Impressive. Thanks for the tip.