Jan 22, 2016

The Psychological Pathology of Pawlowski

In a stunning accusation worthy of inclusion in psychology journals, Ed Pawlowski blames the anti-corruption laws created because of him, for slowing down the workings of city hall.  After Pawlowski corrupted the city contract process, resulting in three FBI indictments so far, Pawlowski claims that the new rules are responsible for reports of inefficiency by city workers.  As someone with many sources in the city,  I can tell you that morale has been decimated since the investigation began in July, long before any new regulations were formulated.  Actually, the work atmosphere with city workers has been tense for years, even long before any of the recent accusations came to light.  Before recent charges of criminality, Pawlowski was well known for being vindictive.

Although, I believed that he wouldn't leave city hall until led out in handcuffs, it's now becoming apparent that he might have to be removed from the building in a straightjacket.

selfie of Pawlowski and United States Secretary of Housing,  taken on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Every day he draws a paycheck is three days his family can get by while he's in the Federal Penitentiary. He's gonna go to the bitter end.
In the meantime the antidepressants and the self delusions will carry him through.

The rank and file at the Church on the Run still love him, even if the management is maintaining a respectable distance.
You just couldn't make this shit up.

Anonymous said...

This man is unstable.

Anonymous said...

Look at the bloated Pos. Castro must be a god in Hiz Goners world. The giver of government cheese. Oh the joy!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't think his reaction is a reflection of mental instability. It is a defense mechanism to help him cope with the reality that he has destroyed himself. Denial and anger are two common reactions. This is where his real friends could bring him down to earth, instead of enabling him. But does he have any real friends? I think not. Mike Fleck was not his friend. And his lawyers, who charge as much as $1,000 per hour, will suck him dry. When the money is gone, they will disappear, too. Even his wife, an ambitious Lady McBeth, is certainly weighing her options.

Anonymous said...

I always say,heh,it's Allentown. Scott Armstrong

hottarandfeathers said...

I BEG FOR HIS REMOVAL AS WELL AS THE SHERIFF and Kane 1/23/16 A criminal enterprise.He owes taxpayers 550,000 rent that Shulas, bankruptcy cost taxpayers that money has to be accounted for.

hottarandfeathers said...

Over 5 Council members guilty crimes he knows nothing about it, get real time to go Ed. Restore Trust to City.

Anonymous said...

He would be a mid level bureaucrat in HUD now if Clinton would have won seven years ago.
Think of the pain, money and emotional trauma that would have saved our sad city.

Unknown said...

A lifetime as a city ranking police officer and Mr. Hendricks figures out something was wrong a couple of months ago.

Anonymous said...

"But does he have any loyal friends?"

He has never been a guy with real, close friends. There were some good people around him in the early years, but they are all long gone. What's left is cronies, opportunists, blind
followers and goofy religious types.
Under different circumstances it might be possible to have some compassion for the man.
As it stands today he's all but destroyed any good will he might have earned.

Anonymous said...

It looks like he's laughing at the FBI.

Reality Bites said...

Pawlowski is 50 years old. He has reached the height of his career. Now he's facing the FBI, possible time in prison and financial ruin

If he doesn't go to prison, the fines he will face will drain most of his assets. His career will be in ashes.

It's not surprising he's in denial.

We need to set up a moving fund for Ed to help him go back home. Perhaps on a Greyhound with a one-way ticket to Chicago?

Monkey Momma said...

I don't know Pawlowski...but I tend to agree with MM that the evidence suggests that Pawlowski's mental state is deteriorating. What made me think that a few of his screws are getting loose was the "Man in the Arena" Facebook post from last Sunday. Leaving aside the stupidity of quoting from Richard Nixon's resignation speech (ever heard of Google, Ed???), it clearly showed that Pawlowski is in denial. He doesn't seem to "get" that he himself caused the drama we are witnessing in Allentown. If only one or even two people pointed at Ed as the culprit, I could give him the benefit of the doubt. But we have heard 4 GUILTY pleas in addition to astonishing anecdotal evidence, all demonstrating that Ed himself is to blame for his woes. It's so easy to see...yet Ed cannot seem to see that for himself. How can a man be so blind?

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski is doubling down,it seems. I'm not one to kick a man when he's down, but this guy is driving even more people away from his defense.

It takes a great deal of arrogance for him to portray the City Hall slowdown on new restrictions created by Council. That city is seriously broken. With Pawlowski hanging around like this, it will REMAIN broken. He's too caustic, even if his indictment never comes.

Who knows? Maybe Pawlowski remains so confident about his future because HE, too began wearing a wire!

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

Pay attention to the nomination for City Controler. It's a desperate fight to see which faction gets protection and who gets thrown under the bus.
If I had to bet I wouldn't bet on Julio. He's most likely the next chump to get pushed in front of the bus. New power arrangements and old blood feuds are playing out here.
It's going to be real ugly.
Either way the citizens and the taxpayers lose.

Anonymous said...

Hey polutski maybe you can go out on a disability pension due to stress. I wonder how many public employees use this scam or some form of it to steal from the trough.

Anonymous said...

He's laughing like the teflon don

Anonymous said...

ALlentown: An early pension program with taxpayers attached. Just shut up ,pay my pension or we'll sell your house.Pay the teachers pension, or we'll sell your house. Pay the county pensions or we'll sell your house. If you have any money left, pay your own pension.