Jan 12, 2016

Outside Straight Shooter Folds

When I ran for State Representative in 2014 as an independent, I was shocked by the partisan attitude of many of the people I had worked with on various causes throughout the years. None of those involved with the local Democratic or Republican party actively helped me. I did receive help from people active in various causes, but only from those best described as non partisan. I appreciated their help, and we managed to man a few polling places. In this current effort, even as an outsider Republican, once again I face that partisan wall. I've had a number of people volunteer to assist in gathering signatures, but the response has not been sufficient to encourage me. Unlike other people seeking the office, I'm not looking for a career. I have not accepted any contributions. My motive was providing more conscientious representation in Harrisburg, for an interested public. Between the public indifference and the party politics, I have decided to cease pursuing the Republican nomination. Perhaps the public will become more interested in this election as the year progresses, in which case I will still be eligible as an independent. Again, I want to thank those who offered me their time and support.


Robert Trotner said...

I have a feeling you'll be back later in the year. 2016 may well turn out to be the Year of the Outsider.

Anonymous said...

You deserve a great deal of respect, Michael. YOU stepped up!

Like your website graphic, YOU showed the 'moxie.' Unfortunately, the general public these days is pretty unconcerned about achieving better representation. Even worse, they can be content with anything, so long as THEY are not directly affected. But, they are!

However that old saying goes, "the one who steps into the ring is the WINNER."

No anonymous, cowardly potshots from YOU. Let that for the children.

Well done, Sir!

Fred Windish

michael molovinsky said...

fred@10:22, on my campaign page, i was willing to give two years of my time in exchange for two hours of support gathering signatures. although, numerous people "liked" the post, not enough were offering their time to sufficiently convince me to make the effort. i could manage to achieve the signatures with my existing crew, but i was hoping for a larger public that was fed up with the status quo. never the less, i will continue championing those issues of importance.

Dreaming of Justice said...

Mike will NEVER go quietly into the night, that's for sure. He's one of the lights.

Unknown said...

As before, you have my support. We so desperately need you in Harrisburg. As the person ahead of me wrote, you ARE definitely a bright light and hopefully in our future. Best wishes.