Jan 27, 2016

National Public Radio Confuses Corruptions In Allentown

National Public Radio made an understandable mistake Friday evening,  when they directly combined an outrageous state incentive program, of over a $billion dollars, with Allentown municipal corruption.   Again, it is a natural misunderstanding,  considering the amount of money involved and the greed in Pennsylvania.

The NIZ, the state program designed by state senator Pat Brown, did foster a $billion dollar development at 7th and Hamilton.  That incentive program is morally wrong, untimely with Pennsylvania's financial woes, and based on cronyism,  but is legal. There has been no suggestion of criminal misconduct with any of that development,  they have a license to steal from the taxpayers.

Two blocks away at City Hall,  the mayor, who incidentally was not instrumental in passing the NIZ as reported by NPR,  couldn't stand all that money flowing, without him getting a small taste.  He and his campaign manager decided to bend the arms of normal vendors to city service, who are not directly linked to the NIZ development up the street.

So, the smell of all that money up the street corrupted the mayor, and the custom designed development scheme there should be illegal,  but they remain two separate issues.


Anonymous said...

You've basically outlined the Feds' opening statement. Including the part about a "small taste." And it's so small, and so commonplace, that the jury will toss this case quickly. There's nothing here, as your post demonstrates.

michael molovinsky said...

i believe that comment 4:58 AM is from a well know antagonist to this blog and others. in addition to his numerous repetitive outright insults, which i do not print, he occasionally sends one like this, defending either Pawlowski or the NIZ.

i don't believe that the charges are so small, in that he corrupted a portion of the staff at city hall. although you may accept "small time corruption", i don't think that the legal system will.

monkey momma said...

The inclusion of JB Reilly on the FBI subpoena list makes me think that it's possible the NIZ will overlap this corruption investigation.

Dave said...

Mr Molovinsky

You are correct that the NIZ and the legislation which created it in Harrisburg are not directly related with Mayor Pawlowski's issues with regards to his possible malfeasance in office.

However Pawlowski and the NIZ are fused at the hip. The Mayor uses the NIZ and the new buildings and businesses in Allentown as political pawns, as how the city has benefited from his stewardship in the Mayor's office.

Also, without Pawlowski ram-rodding the NIZ through City Council back in 2010/2011, the entire scheme would not have been undertaken. Yes, City Council under Pawlowski has been nothing but a rubber stamp for his initiatives. However, without his backing and him wanting the ice hockey arena built where it was (a very poor choice), it wouldn't be there.

It's not surprising that this report aired they way it did, as Ed has ridden and touted the NIZ as one of his accomplishments, while Browne and Reilly and Jandyl remain in the shadows to a great degree, pocketing the money, letting Pawlowski be the front man in this scheme.

Meanwhile, we're all waiting anxiously for the indictments and the next shoe to drop in this sordid affair.

michael molovinsky said...

momma@9:26, a mike fleck email of pledges made to Pawlowski, but not yet paid, included J.B. Reilly for 50K. my guess is that huge amount got reilly a subpoena

dave at 9:33, pawlowski never had to ram anything pass council, they were willing to vote "yes" on everything. i can think of not one "no" vote. council did have to approve eminent domain, which was never utilized, but employed as a hammer against the property owners bought out, also i suppose they approved vacating a couple alleys.

he did want to take credit and parlay allentown's "revitalization' as a ticket out of dodge, first to harrisburg, and then washington.

Anonymous said...

....and now the Parking Authority, and Doyle.'
Tic Tock.

Anonymous said...

This is on the national radar screen.
I hope Butz and Riely are pleased.

michael molovinsky said...

i received a caustic comment asking how much members of the parking authority board get paid, to my knowledge, nothing.