Jan 13, 2016

Inside Lehigh Valley Politics

The picture and caption on my campaign page was intentionally very simple and direct. I needed help. You needed to participate in democracy, beyond just voting, to help foster change; Otherwise, there may be less choice inside the voting booth than you realize. Our incumbent representatives, from both parties, have more in common than that which separates them. Neither party was capable of making meaningful changes to the state's morass, or even passing a budget. New candidates seek the endorsement from existing candidates, holding different offices, as if their recommendation should mean anything. The caption with the photograph said only, I need your help to fight for us in Harrisburg. Help me get signatures to be on the ballot. Registered Republicans call me at 610 XXX-XXXX or email me, XXX@XXX.com 

While a limited number of people contacted me offering their help, numerous people "liked" the photo. Now,  I understand adult coloring books; People like pictures and government which require little to no work on their part.


michael molovinsky said...

i received a very, very long comment from an anonymous reader, upset that i took the public to task, for what he perceives as my shortcomings;
1. being under-organized
2. under-funded
3. questioning my credentials as a republican.

all i can say to this reader is, thank you, for the compliments. you can find far better organized vote gathering machines under the established party organizations, just don't expect better results than currently being achieved in harrisburg. i clearly identified myself as an outsider.

as in my previous campaign as an independent, i would neither seek or accept a contribution until which time i was on the ballot.

a litmus test is not required to run under a party banner, nor would i aspire to pass one.

Anonymous said...

Mike, an old adage applies,if you want a friend in politics get a dog. The wounds that hurt the most are the ones in your back. I could go on,but the point is your work on this blog very important to the community. You have already made a difference,keep it up. Scott Armstrong

michael molovinsky said...

scott@6:52, i'm not wounded from this experience. i put the offer of my candidacy on a very accelerated time table. i announced and withdrew within two weeks. had i continued, and won in both april and november, i would still publish this blog.

let me take this opportunity to acknowledge that director of the lehigh county republican party extended every courtesy due me as an announced candidate.

Anonymous said...

Cowardly withdrawing so quickly.

michael molovinsky said...

@7:31, what is cowardly and harassing is sending anonymous insults all day. you would be a good candidate for the new digital crime lab, established by the local district attorneys.

Marc Grammes said...

Mike,there is not an ounce of cowardice in your veins. Please continue to advocate for what you believe to be right and true. Like Scott said, you have already made a difference, in many ways.

Anonymous said...

Where do you stand on HB76, the total elimination of property taxes in lieu of increased sales and income taxes?

michael molovinsky said...

@8:31, I'd support it, however, the devil lies in the details. multiple budgets proposed this year increased the sales and income taxes, without eliminating the property tax