Dec 8, 2015

Trump and Pawlowski on Refugees

Trump is giving the press and the garden variety liberals a fit, suggesting that foreign Muslims be denied visas from entering the country. Although, I also find a religious barometer offensive, I'm equally disturbed over the common notion that such a suggestion will only drive Muslims to extremism.  If prejudice normally created such a result,  I would presume that all blacks and Jews would be very militant by now.  Trump is only articulating a common fear.

Syrians refugees have a friend in Pennsylvania, Allentown mayor Ed Pawlowski. Yesterday, he attended another news conference, pleading for Congress not to complicate the path to Allentown for the refugees. While Trump plays on the fear,  Pawlowski wants to be associated with compassion.  While Donald hopes to be elected,  Ed hopes to be exonerated.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks this statement is going to hurt Trump in the polls has been asleep for the past five months.

Anonymous said...

All i can say Mike, is that it has the ancestors of the liberal bloggers, and main stream media types ancestors jumping from their graves. Most of that gibberish spin I seldom pay attention to. Accept to spin back at them.

Ted Yost

Anonymous said...


The FBI won't care what Ed says on the stump. That said just got done watching CNN reporters/talking heads pull their hair out talking to Trump. They haven't figure out that he is using them to his own advantage and they continue to play along by being outraged by Trumps statements that frankly many people find unoffensive and refreshingly common sense.
I am not a fan, but just as I enjoyed watching the Eagles take down the mighty Patriots I get the same satisfaction watching Trump make fools of the media. God help us if he ever ends up as president, let us pray the final choice isn't Trump Clinton.

Scott Armstrong

Reality Bites said...

Scott Armstrong: God help us if he ever ends up as president, let us pray the final choice isn't Trump Clinton.

It appears that may be the case. What is likely to happen is that Mrs. Clinton will receive a coronation from the Democrats, while Mr Trump vs the Republican Establishment will engage in a very nasty fight at the GOP convention. However, that's nine months away and we will see who is standing at the end of June after real money is spent by the others in the Republican field.

I heard the other night at a restraunt here in town kind of half-listening to a conversation at an adjoining table. The gentleman said "I never have voted for a Republican in my life, but I enjoy listing to Donald Trump, because he says what everyone else thinks, but no one is willing to say."

That about sums it up.

Mike: As far as Ed Pawlowski goes, that's the hypocrite that wouldn't raise the Syrian Flag for five minutes in front of City Hall a few months ago, now he's singing the praises of the Syrian refugees who are being sent to Allentown. He really just needs to shut up and resign and slink out of town in a U-Haul back to Chicago.

doug_b said...

From what I observed the last time I visited A-Town (5 yrs ago) you have accepted way over your quota of immigrants / illegals / non English speaking people / people of low socioeconomic standing. How more will help your situation is beyond my comprehension.

We should help these MENA people to resettle in similar countries in their region. Bringing them here where they don't know the language, have little or no education, and have zero understanding of our 'first world' culture is not doing them a favor.

Some argue: "it's women and children". Well if that's so who is going to support them? I guess we are. There's a lot of needy Americans who could use this support first.

The liberals want to be generous - with our money.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is the alarm clock America needs. He's waking up our nation. You can call him a Cuckoo, but he provides a sometimes necessary function. This is one of those times.

Fred Windish

michael molovinsky said...

doug@9:03, i'll address one item of misinformation about the refugees; it is indeed just not women and children. in that culture, a woman generally does not journey without her husband

Anonymous said...

Two points:

First, I find it ironic that Ed Pawlowski is lecturing anyone about the morality of any issue. Maybe Syrian immigrants are the last group that doesn't know anything about him, and the only remaining group he can hope to hit up for campaign contributions in the future.

As far as Trump, I don't support him, but it's apparent the Obama policies aren't working. It's also obvious that a significant portion of the current flow of immigration is not assimilating to our culture, and will in many cases be moving here and living off government subsidies (otherwise known as "us"). That's not sound policy, that's national suicide.

I don't know the answer, but I don't think it's in this nation's best interests to continue with business as usual. I would support a temporary halt to ALL immigration until we can account for everyone who is already here (and lost in the system), and can effectively secure our borders. We can gradually restart the flow of LEGAL immigration - in a relatively short period of time - as certain benchmarks are met. As we turn the faucet of LEGAL immigration back on, we address any additional leaks as they become apparent.

I think that's doable, but doubt it will happen until we have a few more San Bernardino-like attacks. I hope that by the time we wake up to what needs to be done, it's not too late.

Anonymous said...

MM @10:11 -

I'll also add that a significant percentage of those men are "military-aged".

Not sure about what percentage of women would fall into that age group, but as we learned first-hand in San Bernardino, we can't assume that women are less of a threat.

Anonymous said...

Let me add one thing that I think can be done, and done quickly without an act of Congress.

In 2011, President Obama banned all references to Islam (and Islamic jihad) from federal training manuals. That ban extended to state and local law enforcement agencies who were receiving federal monies (so, everyone).

The ban came at the request of groups like CAIR, which has documented ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Ironically, it was CAIR who quickly held a news conference with the San Bernardino shooters brother-in-law, before most people even knew who committed the terrorist act.

That ban needs to change. It's obvious that we are fighting a determined enemy who is using non-traditional methods against this country. Our law enforcement agencies need to train for the threats that we face, whether the President likes it or not.

I would suggest that Obama use his "pen and phone" to change that immediately.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump has committed a blood libel with his claim that thousands of Muslims celebrated in the streets of Jersey City. There is zero evidence to support this claim and yet he not only refuses to retract his claim, he continues to double down. I will let those who support such things to ponder history.

Anonymous said...

there are 201 nations at the united nations ,we rank 27 as percapital on household income. there 10 of the richest nations that surround the nation of Syria. if a Syrian crosses to those borders ,they are sent back or shot. if you do the math on the able body men running away ,compared to the u s population in the u.s. in ww2, its a lot of men over 200000 able body men ran from Syria.what if we all ran from a fight in our times of war.i gradutated from dieruff high school in 1965. I went to bethlem steel to join the union. they told me . kid go join the army and when you get out we will have your job waiting for the next few days I got married and joined the army. we were at war,it was my duty to fight for America, just like all the vets did in ww2. I got sent to laos yes laos ,I fought and bleed and took the lives of other mothers sons from laos. I did not run to Canada or flee away like the 200000 Syrian able body men.they want my 19 yr old grandson to fight for them .Arlington national cemetery is full of our mothers sons who died on foreign soil.we did not run.let the 1.3 billion moslems support the fall of isis. and besides we do not fear them here in the u s .let them try something. we have brave citizens and brave law and military people in Allentown pa besides I love the Syrian people in Allentown pa .and its o k to bring Syrian refugees to Allentown pa. just vet them .my home is open to them.i look at this as a areal challenge. I am 69 yrs. old grew up in hanover acres and love America just as much today as when I was in laos. besides my right wing opions, I would welcome Syrian refugees to Allentown pa god bless America. because I never had a bad day here in America after my service in laos

Jamie Kelton said...

I've not seen such an uproar in the public's mind since Nixon sent troops from South Vietnam into Cambodia when I was in High School.

Mr Trump saying he wants to ban Muslims from immigrating into the United States has upset both political parties. It's amazing what can happen when a politician becomes politically incorrect.

It really shows that there is no real difference between the two major parties. They are both livid and both saying the same thing about him. Just amazing.

I think also it is like a breath of fresh air into our political process. A candidate who speaks his mind, rather than says what he has to and is careful not to upset voters by what he says.

To the chagrin of the republicans, watch Trump's poll ratings go through the roof in the next week or so, however long it takes to conduct voter polls. And I don't think Trump is going to help Hillary Clinton either. She belongs in jail, not on the campaign trail. No one likes her. Although I suppose the journalists of the Morning Call do. I'm surprised they've turned against Mayor Pawlowski

Anonymous said...

3:31....since when is 30% polling 'through the roof'? That means 70% of Republicans are not now supporting him. Having said that, I think Trump is a bit of a bull in a china shop...and I kinda like it.