Dec 31, 2015

The Harrisburg State House Experience

Julie Harhart issued a press release confirming that this is indeed her last term. "It has been an honor and privilege to represent the residents of the 183rd District in the state House," Harhart said in a press release. "In doing so, I have made many friends, both in the General Assembly and the surrounding community, that I will miss tremendously. They have helped to make public service, while challenging, one of the most satisfying experiences of my life." I take particular notice of her word "experience". To my way of thinking, 11 terms, or 22 years, is not an experience, but a career. Although I'm a candidate for this office, the 183rd District, I have no interest in learning the language of political speak, I prefer straight forward English.

I also note that both my opponents for the Republican nomination indicated that they just learned of Harhart's pending retirement, from a recent Morning Call article about State Rep expenses, which had only a few words suggesting that Harhart wasn't seeking re-election.  One candidate is the aide of Harhart's colleague, and most assuredly knew of  Harharts pending announcement.  The language of politics apparently comes very easy to some people.  I hope that I don't confuse them with speaking only the straight forward truth.


Anonymous said...


My experience tells me the last thing too many voters, especially Democrats want to hear is the truth.

Scott Armstrong

aTimeforChoosing1980 said...

Time for the real Straight Talk Express. Good luck Mike.

Anonymous said...


I am delighted to hear that you are running, and stand humbly at your service.

Please do not hesitate to call on me to help in any way I can.

-Jeffrey Anthony

Dreaming of Justice said...

"It's been an honor and a privilege.."

1) To help myself to a handsome salary at taxpayer expense, when the median income per capita in Pennsylvania is $53,234.00..and the median income per capita in Lehigh County is $27,961.00.

2) Thanks for the lifetime benefits and a pension that 90% of my constituents can only dream about. Check out this nifty analysis done by USA Today..

3) My resume includes presiding over the worst financial crisis in Pennsylvania history. Locally the crisis is eclipsed only by the total collapse of Bethlehem Steel.

4) I was a loyal lapdog of the Establishment GOP-the same crew who has held up the state budget for a record 7 months. Great addition to a do-nothing resume!

5) Please vote for my HAND-PICKED lapdog successor. She'll be a good girl. She's paper-trained already.