Dec 23, 2015

Teaching The Sweat Hog Parents

Recent news from the Allentown School System is that 10 more students have been arrested because of the recent fights, and that the system is starting Parent University Workshops.

The Allentown school district is correct in realizing that much fault for the discipline issues at the schools comes from their home life. However, thinking that their parents will attend workshops to improve their parenting skills is something only an administrator could think will work. In real life, dedicated parents don't need the help, and problem parents won't attend.

This is the kind of program a school district engages in desperation.That said, even minimal results make the program worth pursuing if the cycle of poverty can be broken in at least a few families.   Scott Armstrong


Anonymous said...


It is my belief that one is poor in America for one of two reasons, you don't care to succeed or you don't know how to. Adult parents who were themselves raised in a dysfunctional environment may benefit from a program that teaches the value of proper discipline, the importance of routine such as shared meals, standard bedtimes,homework first TV after...
Allentown demonstrates that for many of the district's children both the home and the neighborhood are dysfunctional. For parents who seek to break the cycle of poverty there are no/too few local parental role models to emulate. If the school district can provide guidance to those looking to provide a better life for their children then there is real value.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Those kids don't fear the law. Their parents don't either.

I think it only stops when the district, the union and the teacher or student that gets assaulted all file civil AND criminal actions and aggressively pursue them against the parents.

It's only going to start correcting itself when these parents who feel they have zero responsibility, start getting pinched in the pocketbook, docked wages or have liens against their own property. The only focus of these suits is to make the parents pay, and pay dearly.

After one or two, it becomes the deterrent. Keep your kids in line or we are coming after you.

The district and union have to set aside a pot of money and draw the line in the sand together and take the gloves off. At what point is the line crossed? How many teachers have to be injured? How many students need to be assaulted? When is it one too many?

Anonymous said...

Apples don't fall far from the tree.

Perhaps instead of counseling parents about their children is to charge them with parental neglect and fine them significantly.

Money talks and perhaps when it costs them money, they will insure their children aren't juvenile delinquents.

Anonymous said...

They have been fining parents for student truancy for years and all it did was "gum up" the works with a massive ammount of unnecessary court cases / fines. Because more than likely, the parents couldn't afford the fines and with their work schedules (due to the LV's standard low paying employment) they have no time to follow up with their kids issues at school or to even verify they are making it to class.

Alfonso Todd