Dec 1, 2015

Pawlowski Overstaying His Welcome

As the second defendant has pleaded guilty to wrongdoing as part of a Pawlowski Pay to Play scheme, our mayor is grandstanding by asking for more Syrian refugees. I'm not stating a position on the refugee issue, but on Pawlowski, still making executive decisions which will affect Allentown, long after he's indicted. There are those that feel an honorable Pawlowski would resign. Accepting that he is not honorable, he should at least not be making decisions that impact Allentown's future.

Allentown City Council should  have the consideration to publicly chastise him. Our local state representatives, who as recently as early July were inappropriately part of his PACs, also remain mute.

From Allentown to Harrisburg, we have a political system based on cronyism, diplomacy and mutual personal benefit.  It is a system which does not value honestly, nor considers consequences to the public.

Because,  I have no respect for anybody serving in Harrisburg, I am once again considering running for the 183rd  Statehouse District. If I decide to run, and would get elected, I pledge not to get along well with the others there.


Anonymous said...

After reading yesterdays article, my thoughts exactly Mike. The only honorable thing for the man to do now is to step down.

Ted Yost

Anonymous said...

The few of us that still bother to stay informed need to pick up our phones and let our local elected officials know how we feel. Ed needs to go, or at minimum be shunned and condemned by fellow elected officials. Those who say nothing on this matter are part of the problem.
Mike your assessment of politics is correct, voter apathy has allowed cronyism to replace democracy. From Washington to our local city halls the elected officials are serving their best interests and the interests of a few rather than the greater good.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

why step down when he can play the religion card!?

Anonymous said...

Ed Pawlowski, Kathleen Kane, Richard Nixon...

"Lie 'til you die".

Sandbag, obfuscate, block, deter, waste tax monies and ultimately hope for a last minute reprieve. They're all beneath our dignity...or could they be just what we asked for?


Anonymous said...

He is already talking to his few confidants about a "prison ministry".
You can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

VOR, when Nixon saw the end he had the decency not to put the country through political hell. Ed and Kane don't seem to care.

Anonymous said...

Nixon and the word "decency" doesn't really work together. Sorry.