Dec 30, 2015

Harrisburg, A House of Worms

Anybody who fishes in the Susquehanna can find all the worms they need a few blocks east, in the state house. Many of them even wear suits and ties. Although Governor Wolf deemed the partial budget he signed garbage, both parties, and both branches of our government, are to blame. On a positive note, funds will be released immediately for public schools, some of which had to already borrow over $900 million to stay open. Once again, pension reform fails to pass, not even passing the Republican controlled House of Representatives. For anyone who hasn't subscribed to this blog for the last couple of days, I'm running for state representative, as an outsider in the Republican primary, against two establishment candidates. When I see the chaos in Harrisburg, I'm proud not to be a partisan. Tell your friends north of Route 22, in the 183rd District, that I look forward to working for them.


Anonymous said...

Government on all levels has become too careless. That's particularly evident here with Allentown events. Persons elected to office need to have their memory refreshed.

One is elected to serve average citizens FIRST. One remains in office at the will of the people. Unfortunately, voters share most of the blame for this neglect by not keeping their representatives in government focused. We have no formal term limits, so it's on voters to make the 'attitude adjustments' required.

I encourage everyone to go beyond simple, straight ticket voting. We need new politicians in BOTH parties. This is obvious here and in Washington. The most effective message we can send is to replace a SUBSTANTIAL amount of incumbents, this election and a few more elections that follow.

Try someone different! Assert control of those hired to serve you. Send a message to those who remain.

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

I would have preferred "leeches" as I think it's more descriptive, but agree with the sentiment completely. Posted this on Bernie's blog the other day, I think it's applicable to your post here as well:

Bernie, agree 100% that Schlossberg, if guilty, is in a world of hurt and he should be. But to me, the bigger shame of this whole debacle is this quote:

"If the average American took as much time to independently research their politicians and candidates for office as they did to watch half of a TV series, we could eliminate corruption and bad politicians overnight."

He's 100% right. We do it to ourselves each and every election cycle. We don't show up to vote at all. We re-elect criminals, even convicted ones. We re-elect incompetence time and time again. We straight-pull a party ticket, and thus do no work at all as to who is more qualified to serve in public office. We pay pensions to politicians who are convicted of crimes and are in jail. As I know you have, the expense reports are obscene.

Our federal and state legislatures operate with near impunity.

Until we as a voting public take back control from the nomenklatura, we will get what we deserve.

The Banker

doug_b said...

I take one look at Gov Wolf. Have you ever seen someone more clueless / lost / orbiting some other planet? What did you people elect? Philly - Nutter - well that's what we call a 'self defining term."

I shouldn't criticize. Here in Minnesota, our Gov Dayton is so heavily drugged (I'm not kidding, must be depression?) that sometimes when he speaks, you can't understand him. He's in his second term.

I applaud you for your efforts, but at 66, I find it easier and easier to say: "If you want to vote for free stuff, go right ahead, cause I'm not going to be around to pay for it."