Dec 4, 2015

American Jihad

Because we're so afraid to offend, although it sure looked liked terror,  yesterday's news about the mass shooting in San Bernardino started with speculation about work place violence.  Only after it was discovered that the shooters had over 5,000 rounds of ammunition,  could our liberal press mutter the word terrorism. Instead of terror, the focus now will be on gun control,  already the press is blaming the NRA.  We are so afraid of profiling,  we instead pat down little  92 year old grandmothers at the airport. We are so afraid of being called xenophobic, we have become fish in a barrel.

ADDENDUM: This afternoon, ten hours after I wrote this post,  the authorities and press concede that indeed the attack was terror.  The Obama administration still wants to link it to gun control, but I have no doubt that this couple would have acquired firearms and ammunition, regardless of regulations.


Anonymous said...

You are still seven times more likely to be a victim of a white, far right homegrown 'militia' terrorist, and no one seems to either acknowledge or care about this little fact. But, then again, they ARE white......

michael molovinsky said...

@5:24, i doubt your claim, but the problem is that the phenomena about which i write, keeps growing.

submitted misinformation, especially submitted anonymously, often will not be printed.

Anonymous said...

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence, the numbers don't lie..... Deeming the statistics 'misinformation' and denying the veracity is propaganda....

michael molovinsky said...

anonymous@5:59, i could put up a link that documents 47 individual jihadist attacks since 9/11, which is coming from a group that is less than 1% of the population. i fully agree that we must guard against Islamophobia, but my post deals with political correctness as a hinderance to combating a growing threat. your link actually amplifies my point.

Anonymous said...


Put these satirical comments on my facebook page;

Obama News Network Breaking News

Christmas and/or Holiday Parties may lead to workplace violence. Until the nation has sensible gun control laws (European model) enacted the White House is issuing an official "Holiday Party Warning" advisory against any open celebration, display of decoration, and/or Bing Crosby music related to the Christian feast day that occurs on December 25th.

Obama News: Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!

Special Advisory

White House has issued the following statement; In light of recent events an advisory has been issued on playing, singing, or whistling the Chipmuncks "Please Christmas Don't be late". Of course it should be obvious that "Santa Baby" is nothing short of a death wish. The combination of western decadence with the Christian Feast Day is viewed as offensive and should be avoided at all costs.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Just have to interject, citing the New York Times as the final word is in itself risky. Our media sources have been corrupted on every level, including our local level. We live in an agenda society wherein the end justifies the means. Not just a New York Times issue, for sure.

As for the San Bernardino terrorist attack, conducted by Muslim radicals, several sources report the next door neighbor of these 'newlyweds' witnessed suspicious activities for months on the neighbor's property. This included package deliveries after midnight, garage tool activity, and steady streams of young adult males. Of course, maybe they were preparing a go-cart for racing.

The neighbor, when interviewed, didn't want to say anything for fear of being called a racist, or something. So, what if this person DID say something? Others might be still alive.

We need to scrap all of this Democrat/Republican, white/black/olive nonsense. Just be vigilant and unafraid of what others might say. Speak up, America! Your nation is under attack.

Call me a racist, an Islamophobe, an Eagles fan . . . . whatever.

Fred Windish

Confused Allentonian said...

During World War II, did we have many German people living here? Yes. Did we have a fear that they might commit acts of sabotage against places like Bethlehem Steel, or Mack Trucks, or other places that made war equipment? I don't think so, although I'm sure those places were guarded to prevent it.

What is the difference between then and today?

The unknown. That causes fear, and that is why people are afraid. It's not bigotry or racism. It's fear based on what has happened in the past.

It's just that fear that happened in California is what people are afraid of here. The people who committed the crimes there were seemingly part of the community. The man lived there for five years and had a good job. Who knew that he was a restraunt inspector by day and a terrorist by night? It is that fear that immigrants owe their allegiance to their religion and are here not to be part of our community, but to destroy our community.

It's in the shopping malls in Africa. It's in the restaurants of Europe. It's all the same pattern where people who are immigrants that come here seemingly live a normal life but go to a public place and become mass murderers. Now it has come to the United States.

I'm not anti-immigrant, but how do we know who these people are? We've opened the door and let people come here. But how many times do we need get it figuratively slammed in our faces by those we've opened it for? Many people who want to come here want a better life. We know that and welcome them. But who is lying so they can come here to kill us and who isn't?

Even the FBI says they can't tell. This is not how it was before. Times have changed.

That's why people are afraid. We just don't know if these are good or bad people.

spencer said...

oh you have no idea. There were tons of people on twitter the day it happened, who automatically assumed the shooter was a white male, and tons of people jumped on it saying stuff like "white people shouldn't own guns". white people are evil, etc. etc. etc... and then the usual platitudes about gun control..

And then it came out that the shooter was muslim. And the suddenly the media coverage changed, the progressives circled their wagons, and the narrative changed. It was now, "not all muslims..." and "Don't be islamophobic". You could tell the media wanted to run with this story for at least a week pushing the left-wing view on everyone, and suddenly it just stopped.

So the message is clear here, you can jump to conclusions and say bigoted things about one group, but not the other. The bias here is laughable, what a wild time to be alive.

Maggie Mae Mason said...

Thank you Michael for telling the truth.

doug_b said...

Our government is practicing 'disruptive reality' on many issues, this latest terrorist attack is an example. I have read in the liberal media: "what could have been their motive?" - a complete brain wash by the left. Today I've heard the phrase "gun violence". It's disgusting.

The lies are unending: We will vette the Syrians, they are women and children...

Hell there are no records over there. If they are women and children who is going to support them? I guess we will?

More lies: ISIS is under control, if you like your doctor..., medical costs will go down $2,500 yr - $5,000 for insurance + $5,000 deductible - costs $10,000 before insurance pays a dime, 49 million on SNAP, 94 million not in work force, real income down since 2008.

Today the administration said unemployment is now 5% - the recession is over!

Dreaming of Justice said...

The difference between the Americans of German ancestry, the Americans of Japanese ancestry being held under suspicion (or in the case of American-Japanese, placed into camps) and the current climate of concern re: Islamic terrorists is relatively simple. You can choose a religion, you can choose what parts of it's dogma to practice, and you can choose where and how you worship.

You cannot choose your country of origin nor race.

Jamie Kelton said...

Our government has its head buried in the sand. It is like they don't want to acknowledge the obvious. They lie about everything like doug_b wrote above. We're supposed to be quiet and accept what the President says. If we don't agree we're called racists and browbeaten.

You want to know why people like Trump? He says what many people think but are afraid to say. And look what is said and written about him.

That's why this woman didn't report what she saw to the police. If she did maybe those people would be alive.

doug_b said...

From Fox and AP: "Tashfeen Malik is believed to have posted her pledge to ISIS leader and self-proclaimed “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on or around the time of the attack, in which she and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, stormed a San Bernardino party for his co-workers before escaping."

Anonymous said...

At the same time, we have a President who can't even utter the phrase "Islamic terrorism".

And remember just a few weeks ago, when he was mocking opponents of his Syrian immigration plan by saying that they were afraid of "widows and orphans"? The implication was that women certainly wouldn't commit terrorist acts.

I suppose the woman who was one of those who committed the attack but was here on a spousal visa was "thoroughly vetted" in the same manner that Obama has promised for the Syrian refugees.

Obama's failure to acknowledge the San Bernardino attack as an act of terrorism is an admission that he has no understanding of the danger we face.

Make no mistake, terrorists are here among us in the US, and not just in California. Until we elect someone who realizes that and is willing to act to stop it, expect more days like Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

The heard the media today is using the word "conservative" to describe the terrorists couples religious beliefs.
We are bout to find out just how far our government and the media will go to tell us what we know to be one thing to be something else entirely.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Nonsense to all this Islamophobia drivel, these three people were not three Amish folks off for an afternoon buggy ride. I know of no one that is going to change their lunch plans for tomorrow in fear of our Islamic neighbors. Here is a strange one though, the other day on face book when Paris was attacked thousands of Americans photo shopped the French flag over their profile picture to stand with the French. So far today I have not noticed one American flag posted over one profile picture to stand with the people of San Bernardino, or their Police, and Fire depts.

Ted Yost

alfonso todd said...

The man was a Muslim AND American. My question is when did one person's action start representing a whole group of people? When the white individuals committed mass shootings they were thought as being lone wolves, mentally unstable, or acting as individuals. Instead of focusing on this individual and getting all of the factual information possible, the media has run into his home and is assuming the worst about anyone he may have been in contact with and people are demonizing a whole culture. My question is WHY are there so many acts of terrorism in the U.S.? It seems the nationality doesn't matter when people are laying dead on the ground.
Why are people thinking this atrocity is any worse than those that have happened in previous months in 2015?

Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

The rub with all this is that the same administration and media that routinely implicates every Republican for any infraction by any conservative in the nation is telling us not to do the same with Islam. Innocent people have died as a result Islamic extremism in this country and we are told not to make the same connections they routinely make from the presidential podium and on news broadcasts. We aren't supposed to notice.
They think we are idiots. They are in fact the fools.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Put this in the category of 'there 'aint no liberal media?' The attacks occurred Wednesday at mid-afternoon eastern time. The next morning's Morning Call had the story on Page 12. A terrorist attack on our country makes page 12. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Many if not most of the "home grown" terrorists subscribe to leftist think. The unibomber was a HUGE fan of Al Gore to include his Earth in the Balancs shill that turned out to be a method for Al Gore to exploit wealth through the climate scare nonsense.

The left gins up a false sense of struggle amongst the very people they oppress through the bigotry of low expectations.

And by left I don't mean democrat. There are plenty of republicans who trample on us for personal gain.

Anonymous said...

Maybe global warming contributed to their decision to massacre those people. You know how warm and uncomfortable it can get in San Bernadino in December. Also, I am certain that the perps would have abided by further gun control restrictions. Now all they have to figure out is how to regulate pipe bombs.

Anonymous said...

For additional information related to this discussion of ethnicity and political correctness, see today's report on Judicial Of course, we can discount the messenger there, as in every media source these days. You decide.

There is legitimate reason to describe individuals accurately, even if that means assigning labels, like 'Middle Eastern.' It's like trying to locate a bank robber, describing the suspect as 'medium height MALE,' rather than 'medium height HUMAN.' This in no way suggests a 'WOMAN' has never committed a similar unlawful act and needed to be pursued.

In the San Bernardino incident, with suspects still at large, it would have been silly to restrict announcements to "Be on the lookout for 2, possibly 3, humans."
Would it not?

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...


You ask good questions. People are alarmed by two things, first a world wide escalating pattern of violence that is being done in the name of a religion, and second our media and the president telling us it isn't so while using the slaughters as vehicles to further political agendas such as gun control and now "hate speech". All the while the president is moving forward with his plan to bring in "refugees" from the epicenter of the violence despite the legitimate concerns of the American people. He is ruling as a tyrant, making poor choices routinely, he is by common consent now described as "detached".
In light of all this, only fools, the ignorant, and/or die hard partisans would not be worried. Clear thinkers can see the obvious and it is very frightening.

Scott Armstrong

Mahrime said...

Michael, on December 4, 2015 at 6:24 AM you stated Muslims are less than 1% of the population. This indicates your scope is limited. Mulsims are 23% of the world population, second only to Christians at 31%. The rub may be for American white Christians is that Muslims, as a population, will surpass the Christian population in the next few decades ( Islam is a reputable and peaceful religion. But like ALL religions it can be interpreted to coincide with someone's more radical beliefs; afterall, Charlie Manson was a Christian. If the color of one's skin, or facial features, accent, or dress define terrorist leanings, then one can easily presume all poorly-dressed, lowland-accented, middle-aged white people are bigots, because that's the way it appears more and more every day. Has everyone forgotten why America came into existence? Religious freedom was at that start's core, and I don't believe it was written anywhere that once the country was stocked with people that looked and believed like the pilgrims that the door would close on that freedom. The world continue to evolves no matter how much you stamp your feet, clinch your fists, and close your eyes. Whether you chose to accept that bespeaks to your ability to represent this country or even a small part of it.