Nov 24, 2015

Time Travel In Upside Allentown

A promotion group has released a new video showing the nightlife in Allentown. Those wanting to partake in the party will have to manage a little time travel, to either the opening night or best night of each venue shown. For the rest of us, we can get a small taste, but it's pricey, and sometimes not so good. I've received another bad report about dining at the Dime, now 0/5 in the Molovinsky Guide To Fine Dining. 

Between hockey season and more concert dates being announced, hopefully, this winter will have some real buzz downtown. However, that will require the city to step up the snow removal game. Climbing over dirty snow and ice mounds to plug overpriced meters, isn't so chic.


Anonymous said...

Michael Molovinsky said:

"Climbing over dirty snow and ice mounds to plug overpriced meters, isn't so chic."

With a little marketing (through a series of Morning Call "news" articles), that climb over the snow mounds can be “transformed” into training for an ascent of Mt. Everest.

Maybe Governor/Senator/Mayor/ Immigration Chief Pawlowski will even import some Sherpas to assist with the climb.

Anonymous said...

Extraordinary photo, the whole happy crew is there.
Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Mike I've been to the Dime twice. I'll never go back, it was not good. Food and drinks were average and pricey. If they're going for the NYC vibe, they're missing on both points - in NYC the food and drink are excellent.

It's a shame, what a great venue to be wasted like it is.

The Banker

michael molovinsky said...

banker@9:27, the restaurant is being run by reilly's own hospitality group, which apparently is lacking in experience. one of their hostesses has been described as rude to me, by three different people. the problem of course, is that it is actually the taxpayer's dime, not reilly's.

Dave said...

Hamilton Street needs a multi-cinema and also a theater where traveling Broadway productions can be booked to perform. Perhaps then there would be something of interest to offset the negatives of going there at night.

Eating and drinking are not nightlife.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Mike, as you've noted many times, the structure perverts everything. There is no need to be good at what you do when the taxpayer is paying for it no matter what.

Dave, we have Symphony Hall and an arena, not sure what else you're looking for?

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Just one look at the Allentown police overtime to watch the area on event nights says volumes about the NIZ. Not blaming the police, just the lack of foresight on behalf of the planners.

Ted Yost

alfonso todd said...

Looking for a continuous vibe that permeates a city during the week into the weekends
not monthly events.....

Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

Check out Easton----it's really happening!

Anonymous said...

They should film a couple blocks away too. Its so ghettosopa