Nov 11, 2015

Reilly's Cigarette Tax and The Planning Puppies

When it comes to the paper's beloved NIZ, even my current favorite reporter at The Morning Call, Emily Opilo, can't really relay the zone's obscenity. In today's article about Reilly's cigarette bonanza, after reporting that Reilly's new warehouse was approved by city planners, she writes, "In the one-of-a-kind NIZ, many state and local taxes can be tapped by developers to help pay for construction that creates jobs. Of those taxes paid, the cigarette tax is among the largest." It's unclear if she is referring to construction or permanent jobs, but at any rate, the NIZ was designed to create untold wealth for J.B. Reilly, not to create jobs. Furthermore, there's no news about Allentown Planners approving a Reilly project, it would only be news if they didn't approve. As usual, one of the planning puppies asked a token question, what due diligence, give him a treat. While you're at it, with Opilo still an exception, give the reporters their treats also.

Also in the bizarro world of Allentown, NIZ designer, State Senator Pat Brown told the Morning Call that this experience (being accepted into the first time offender program for his third drunk driving offense) will make me stronger, and make me a better legislator. Not sure what that means, but J.B. Reilly thinks he's pretty good as is, drunk or sober.


Robert Trotner said...

O'Reilly has more gimmicks than Carter has liver pills.

Dreaming of Justice said...

Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette
Puff, puff, puff and if you smoke yourself to death
Tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate
That you hate to make him wait
But you just gotta have another cigarette..

I just had to throw in a Tex Williams here..

Anonymous said...

Remember when we were promised that cigarette tax revenue would go to 'help the children' by funding their health programs? Well, well....

doug_b said...

Pennsylvania get F grad 2015 State Integrity Investigation:

michael molovinsky said...

although I mention Brown's case in the post, i only do so because he was architect of the NIZ, and it's cigarette loophole. if anybody else wishes to comment on brown's case, they will have to do so using their name, as I do.