Nov 3, 2015

An Independent Allentown City Council

With the exception of Jeanette Eichenwald, the current city council has rightfully been referred to as a rubber stamp. However, with Ed Pawlowski now tainted by the FBI investigation, the counter politicos hope the time is now ripe for change. We will see, come Wednesday morning. While Eichenwald has indeed been independent with her decisions on council, the late Emma Tropiano set the standard. Not only did Emma vote for the people's interest, she managed to rally citizens to her point of view, and fellow council members.

In the race for school board and county commissioners, I have recommended bullet voting, casting your ballot for just one choice, to multiply its effect. My choices are Scott Armstrong for school director, and Dan Hartzell for county commissioner. For city council, I would vote for two candidates, MacLean and Hershman, and write in the third, Fegley.  Steven  Ramos would receive my vote for controller.

Although there are no national races, today's election is very important. Will Allentown rise above the bondage of the Pawlowski administration? Will the voters save Cedarbrook, the county nursing home?


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, apathy will not factor in here.


Anonymous said...

Im already experienced in experiencing lackadaisical, apathetic voters.

And I'm not one of them!

I voted for FEGELY

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, apathy ha been a factor for th past 13 years I have lived in Allentown. It's how the "powers that be" keep rolling along with no obstruction,

Alfonso Todd