Oct 29, 2015

The Good Ship Allentown Losing Credibility

The blogosphere has been buzzing since yesterday afternoon about Sara Hailstone leaving, and the budget being delayed until after the election. Although, The Morning Call associated her with the $billion dollar Reilly development, she had absolutely nothing to do with it. Although director of the paper tiger NIZ board, that too is just a legal requirement for the Reilly Development Company. Her departure, like the police chief, is a hope to be gone before they bring in the handcuffs. What we need to discuss here;   How can a city with a $billion dollars of new development needs a tax increase? Making Reilly's empire has not been cheap for the taxpayers. The development required considerable infrastructure improvements, and police protection. Need a cop, there's almost always one present by the Artwalk, along by Shula's and the new stores there. Although he does you no good, shut up, and pony up two more mills in city tax. Reilly is being treated to a $billion dollars worth of real estate at taxpayer expense,  while the same taxpayers get a tax increase?   By the way, that tax increase will not be announced until after the election, as to not hurt the Pawlowski endorsed candidates on Tuesday. Those candidates would be Glazier and Affa for City Council, and Koval for Controller.   Only in Allentown,  pass the arena popcorn please, we're paying for it.  


Anonymous said...

Also, don't forget that Planning Director Mike Hefele retired very quietly recently.

Anonymous said...

Two dollars in quarters only gets you 52 minutes, not the advertised 60 required.

Rich Fegley said...

It's all a donation to the NIZ Police Overtime Fund. Cough it up if you want to park in Allentown.

If elected to City Council, I will work to make parking FREE downtown on the weekends. Other downtowns offer free parking on weekends. I feel that this is what the downtown needs right now.

At least make the parking lots and decks FREE as often as possible.

Let's vote these RATS out of City Hall.

Anonymous said...

I avoid places where this gang hangs out.
After two heart attacks I can't risk a confrontation with one of the roving goon squad.
Will this ever end?

Dreaming of Justice said...

Im headed downtown to dinner tonight. Mr. Fegley, I think I'll try your place, I haven't yet.