Oct 30, 2015

Mailer For Bob Smith and Scott Armstrong

Tomorrow, some Allentown voters will receive a mailer promoting Bob Smith and Scott Armstrong. Ed Pawlowski had targeted both incumbent school board members, by supporting a PAC with alternative candidates. While I took the Result Team county commissioners to task for evolving Pawlowski against Dan Hartzell, I find the using the Pawlowski association appropriate in the school board race. Pawlowski had stated that Bob Smith wasn't right in the head, and also personally demeaned Armstrong in the past. Both incumbents are dedicated to the education of students in the district. Yesterday's fights and student attacks on police officers, only emphasizes the importance of keeping these disciplined members on the board.


Anonymous said...

This is great to see.

Just a few months ago, Pawlowski photos and support were a signal to voters that you were part of the inside team. Never mind the pay-to-play that we all knew was going on. Never mind the lock-step allegiance to Ed that Pawlowski's support bought.

Now it's the badge of shame that it deserves to be.

I hope it's used by more candidates, and I hope the voters make the connection.

michael molovinsky said...

@2:07, in my opinion, it is being appropriately used by candidates for city council and school board, but inappropriately as a smear against county commissioner candidates, although pawlowski did try to exert himself there also.

doug_b said...

Just wanted to let you know that A-Town made the Drudge Report for the fight at Allen High:


It seems like A-Town is going 'full retard'

Anonymous said...

Allentown students make national news without
any adult assistance.
It's the City Without Limits.
The Miracle That is Allentown!!!