Oct 30, 2015

Flyer For Lou Hershman and Steven Ramos


Anonymous said...

Exactly...the truth hurts...., but it is what is is.

Public officials take an oath to the citizens they serve, not to other public officials.

Koval and Glazier have failed in the duties they swore to execute!

Anyone believe otherwise?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to vote for Mr.Ramos.
I just don't have the sense he is equipped for the job at this point in time.

michael molovinsky said...

i wrestle with myself about printing comments, like the two anonymous spin ditties above.

Anonymous said...

Wrestler all you like. His public record is thin and his written comments reveal a mixed understanding of city politics at best.
When this vindictive administration is gone I'll leave my name.
Until then, no fucking way,

michael molovinsky said...

@11:24, i wasn't going to print your comment, i'm not much for anonymous hit pieces. but i will comment on your fear. i doubt if you're directly employed by pawlowski, even most city employees are unionized. most likely your fear, at most, is based on being a homeowner. with that same reasoning, you wouldn't stand up and express yourself at a council meeting, or any meeting for that matter, or a letter to the editor. almost all forms of expression require a name, except anonymous blog comments. btw, i doubt that you'll be signing even when pawlowski is gone.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody bother to proofread things these days? Lou Hershman for Allentown City Controller right under his photo. I'd be looking to get a refund on that mailer.

Anonymous said...

For those questioning Ramos's lack of experience I would ask this question; does the incumbent have either the degrees or integrity to be re-elected? As to her experience what is that exactly? At best it is acting as a good team player.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

All Allentown voters (I'm no longer one) need to understand their city is broken and needs major repair. It is essential to make MANY changes to that administration. You just can't get a different, and better, result by returning all of the usual slugs to their positions.

Fred Windish

Steven Ramos said...

My resume is available at www.stevenramos.com. Over the last 15 years I've been trusted to set up and manage networks, maintain data security for employers and clients, and manage people and clients assigned to me. I am depended upon to ensure that reports are developed and submitted to various agencies and vendors to be in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Outside of my direct responsibilities, when other aspects of our network have issues I am called upon to find the solutions.

Having the confidence and support of others is not new - from being a leader in every church I have attended to being a contributing member on several Allentown associations; from being a founding member of the police community team in West Chester, PA, to working for various campaigns as a paid member of the team and volunteer; to my days in the army leading, encouraging, and training other soldiers.

The challenge of our controller's office today is ensuring its independence, doing the work of auditing our agencies and departments, and making those audits available to the public.

This year alone, we've had several issues that demanded audits. None were done. Our current controller has demonstrated she is unable to be independent of the administration and is not curious to know why we are losing money, why we don't know what projects are costing us, and why we may need a tax increase in 2016.

I hope for all of your support and that when weighing my candidacy, my resume, and public statements, that you use the same measure used when weighing other candidates.

See you on Tuesday.


Robert Trotner said...

He's knowledgeable and independent and will open Allentown books to public scrutiny, which is long overdue. He attends all the budget meetings and is not an incompetent and probably corrupt political hack who has completely mismanaged our finances do that nobody can tell what money is coming in or going out or simply disappearing. And she is responsible for the tax hike about to be imposed, in violation of the Home Rule Charter, the day after Election Day.

Chris said...

Anon @8:06 - if you want to vote for Steven, it's probably for a reason. Is Ms. Koval doing the job the way you want it done?

Steven, kudos to you for responding.