Oct 30, 2015

Dinner With Allentown's Write- Ins

I don't go out much at night. Between usually writing this blog around 4:30AM, and the family bakery, I have the schedule of a three year old. Truth be told, the bakery closed 35 years ago, but it's my normal excuse for going to slept at 8:00PM. With the election on Tuesday, and Rich Fegley and Shane Fillman running as write-ins, I'll try to catch up with them tonight in the little apple. Between my rosacea and shiny nose, I usually have my butler powder my face before I go out.

ADDENDUM: I invite any candidate for Tuesday's election to join me this evening, 6pm, at the Hamilton Street BreWWork


Anonymous said...

Can you give us your initial take on Fillman?

I know Fegley and he's got my vote. So does Hershman.

But I don't know anything about Fillman, and I haven't heard his name as far as standing up to Pawlowski or speaking out about what's been going on at City Hall.

Maybe he's new and could be good, but at this point, I'm only voting for people for City Council who have been actively opposing Pawlowski.

The reason I ask for the information now is that absentee ballots are due today at 5:00pm. Unfortunately, your dinner is 3 hours later.

michael molovinsky said...

@8:44, i sat down with shane once for about an hour, he seems committed to improving allentown. i believe that allentown voters should consider former long time police chief roger maclean as an alternative to the status quo. he never had any use for pawlowski and the way that this administration ran allentown.

Rich Fegley said...

Shane Fillman is social influencer in Old Allentown that Pawlowski has tried to "muzzle" over the years. Fillman is not happy with how the Mayor is managing our City.

The current City Council members are nice people on the surface and in front of the media. The fact is, 6 of the 7 voted to spend $5 million of the water/sewer lease money on projects that had no plans. $1.4 million went to Abe Atiyeh for land the citizens don't need in our park system right now.

If anything, Fillman will not be another rubber-stamper for the Mayor.

How are we going to get our money back for that property? A tax increase is coming? We need more Council members that actually question what the Mayor is doing in City Hall.

My 2-cents.

michael molovinsky said...

rich@10:09, you or shane, or any candidate for any office, is welcome to join me at 6pm.

Rich Fegley said...

I will see you at 6pm at the Allentown Brew Works.

Last night at our Meet the Candidates night, Fillman, Steve Ramos (Controller) and I hosted. Charlie Thiel, Mark Smith, Vic Mazziotti, CeCe Gerlach, and Glenn Eckhart were mingling with the crowd. It was nice to see the many citizens that came out to ask us questions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advance Molovinsky Location Information, Putz.

michael molovinsky said...

i believe the comment 1:59 is from bill villa, although that's only a belief. the comment appears to be meant as another implied threat, one of many.

Ed Zucal Democrat for Lehigh County Sheriff said...

Sorry Rich,
I didn't know anything about your candidates night or I would've been happy to show up and chat with you guys. I might have missed it somewhere. It's a great way to meet the voters.